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Taproot bassist Phil Lipscomb gave OOTB his Top 5 Albums of 2012 and details why they're his favorites of the year.
Taproot has some more dates on their "Winter Riot Tour" run with 12 Stones and 3 Pill Morning.  
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The Top 5 Best Albums Of 2012
By Phil Lipscomb
2. Meshuggah : Koloss
If you haven't heard Meshuggah, then you haven't challenged your brain enough. This new
record is heavy, powerful, and absolutely crushing. Feed your metal roots and get Koloss,
you won't be disappointed.
1. Deftones : Koi No Yokan
When a Deftones record comes out, it's almost a shoe in for one of my favorite records of the year,
and this newest release is no different. I love Deftones because they aren't afraid to do more with
their music. They are heavy and intense while delving into the atmospheric side and taking you on
a journey that can only give you a glimpse of what is inside Chino Moreno's brain.
5. Dead Sara : Dead Sara
We were at this music industry event in Palm Springs this past summer where it's not your typical
rock show, mostly execs and radio people sitting and eating/drinking while bands play. Everyone
was enjoying the bands but vibe-wise, it's a tough event to play. Dead Sara came on and I'd never
heard of them, and they just killed it! Performance, sound, energy, one of the best shows I've seen
in a long time. I picked up the album soon after and I was hooked. The album lived up to the promise
of the live show.
4. Otherwise : True Love Never Dies
We've known these guys for years since they were first starting out in Vegas, they've opened up
for us on the local level multiple times. It didn't surprise me that they eventually got signed and
recorded one of my favorite records to listen to while driving. We were fortunate enough to be
able to bring them on the road with us to help support their new record, and I can't give them
enough props, I love this band!
3. The Used : Vulnerable
I fell in love with The Used as soon as their first record came out on the recommendation of a friend,
and it was one of those CD's that never left the CD player for the first few months. I kind of fell off The
Used bandwagon for the next decade but on a whim picked up this new record…and now I think I'm
going to have to go back and get the rest of their catalog.
Photo By Brian Guiler, OOTB Publications