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Guitarist Jeremy Wagner of the reunited Chicago death metal band Broken Hope has made his picks for his favorite
albums of 2012. The band formed in 1988 and went into "metal hibernation" in 2000. After reforming this year,
Century Media Records has signed the band and they are actively recording new songs.
Visit Broken Hope's website.
The Top 10: Best Albums Of 2012
By Jeremy Wagner
6. Cattle Decapitation : Monolith of Inhumanity
5. Fear Factory : The Industrialist
4. Cynic : The Portal Tapes
3. Aborted : Global Flatline
2. Dying Fetus : Reign Supreme
1. Napalm Death : Utalitarian
10. General Surgery : Like An Ever Flying Limb
9. Pig Destroyer : Book Burner
8. Malignancy : Eugenics
7. Pathology : The Time of Great Purification