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Sister Sin drummer Dave Sundberg contributes his list of favorite albums from 2012. Sister Sin kick off a major tour
starting in February, 2013 in support of the Swedish band's fourth metal album
Now and Forever.  Visit SS Online.
The Top 5 Best Albums Of 2012
By Dave Sundberg
2. Testament : Dark Roots Of The Earth
The Formation of Damnation album kicked ass and I was blown away seeing them live.
This one takes them even further into their classic 80's sound and I love it!
1. Kreator : Phantom Antichrist
Everything is spot on with this one! Cover art, production, songs and most formidable, the hooks!
It's great to hear creativity and innovativity in a band that´s been at it 30 years. Inspiring!!!   
5. ZZ Top : La Futura
First ZZ Top album in nine years and with Rick Rubin at the helm, it can’t go wrong.
Cool stuff with “I Gotsa Get Paid” and you gotsa respect Billy Gibbons and the gang!
4. Accept : Stalingrad
Not many bands pull off changing lead singers like this, especially if you have
Udo Dirskschneider's old combat boots to fill. But this is second in a row after
Blood of the Nations and it´s as awesome as its predecessor. Really like the
Russian theme and no one can deny how cool their national anthem is...
Especially when Wolf Hoffman is bleeding it from his V-guitar.
3. RAM : Death
Now these are my boys from Gothenburg, Sweden who deserve great recognition.
It’s NWOBHM at its most evil! “Heavy Metal Tyranny”