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Ill Nino lead vocalist Cristian Machado picks his five favorite albums released in 2012. In October, Ill Nino released
their hard-hitting sixth metal album entitled
Epidemia (Victory Records).  Visit Ill Nino Online.
The Top 5 Best Albums Of 2012
By Cristian Machado
Iratetion : Motionless Decay
Awesome AWESOME Latin metal thrash band from the pits of Newark, NJ.
If you are an Ill Nino fan you will love this band. Do not sleep on Iratetion.
Their first single is "Path To Hatred."
Arcanium : Arcanium
This is a Colorado band that is currently unsigned. They recently played some shows
in the US with Ill Nino and absolutely blew my mind.
Ill Nino : Epidemia
Call me full of it or a selfless self promoter but, truth is,
our album
Epidemia should definitely be a Metal Top 10.
Serosia : Variables
Awesome unsigned band out of Dallas. This is the future of radio rock.
If you are bored with the same old watered down radio rock, meet your
band Serosia. Their first single is "Superposition."
Through The Flood : Save Yourself
Awesome band from upstate NY with a fast growing fan base all over the world.
Make sure to check out their single "Another Life is Lost."