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Neath/London DJ, writer, singer and producer Rod Thomas contributes his list of the best albums released in 2012.
Thomas, known as Bright Light Bright Light, released his debut album
Make Me Believe In Hope during spring, 2012.
Bright Light Bright Light completed an October tour in the UK with Scissor Sisters.
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The Top 10 Best Albums Of 2012
By Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light)
Elton John vs. PNAU : Good Morning To The Night
Totally unexpected for both audiences I think. Rather than endless remixes and bootlegs
that populate the web, a current band went in and reconstructed old material meticulously
to make a new record. And it's beautiful.
Frank Ocean : channel ORANGE
I purposefully avoided this record for months due to its hype, but I have to say it's an album
that justified the rave response. Much more honest and intelligent than I would have expected
from anyone so new and so "cool."  It's a very clever and very arresting album.
That stays in your head FOREVER.
Clock Opera : Ways To Forget
Having the pleasure of touring with this band for a month this album was on loop in my internal jukebox.
A very emotional, very beautiful, and very intricate record that showcases Guy's brilliant voice, and
amazing way with words. And it's even better live.
The Irrepressibles : Nude
In every way, a gorgeous record. I didn't think they'd top In This Shirt but this album is
head and shoulders above even that. A very accomplished and wonderful album.
How To Dress Well : Total Loss
It reminds me of all the best bits of Jamie Lidell's debut record, with a voice I am very
envious of, and some production that I am equally jealous of. I discovered it in Autumn
which appears to be the perfect listening period.
Scissor Sisters : Magic Hour
Some of this band's finest moments are on this record. "Inevitable" is just the most wonderful
track, and it was great to hear Ana blow the sh*t out of the studio on "Let's Have A Kiki."
SS will forever be one of my favourite bands for all their colour, class and sass.
And this album has waves of all of their best characteristics.
Great writers, performers and producers. Strongest record since their debut.
Bat For Lashes : The Haunted Man
An absolutely astonishing album which takes all her best skills and hones them
all to perfection. Killer melodies, beautiful harmonies and orchestration that would
stun even the most sceptical of hearts.
Twin Shadow : Confess
I fell in love with Twin Shadow's debut and subsequently could not have been more excited about this.
I love the production, the melodies, and his silk-smooth voice, and even though the songs orchestrate
the beauty of being a villain in romance, I want very much to be part of this record. It's fantastic.
Hot Chip : In Our Heads
It's very refreshing to see a band so far into their career produce their best work. It has their strongest
melodies, most interesting lyrics, and in terms of production is their most fresh, catchy and honest
sounding album start to finish. Superb record.
Kindness : World, You Need A Change Of Mind
The schizophrenic and changeable nature of this record should be grating but it's actually
a stroke of genius. Plus "House" and "That's Alright" are two of the best songs in the last
few years for very different reasons.