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Sean Beavan (production work with Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Pantera, No Doubt, Guns 'N Roses) and
Juliette Beavan of 8mm each pick their Top 5 Albums of 2012. The husband-wife duo released an 8mm LP this year
Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts (ChelseaGirl Records).  Website.  Facebook.
The Top 10 Best Albums Of 2012
By Sean & Juliette Beavan (8mm)
3. Reignwolf
Yeah I know he doesn't have an album out but he is music... So fuck you.
2. Churchill : Change
Great songs, great voices, great band.
1. 8mm : Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts
When you spend the better half of a year writing, recording, mixing, and playing
a record in front of people, you had better hope it's your favorite.
5. Father John Misty : Fear Fun
In my humble opinion, Josh Tillman as the front man is exactly where he needs to be.
I love this record.
4. Jack White : Blunderbuss
It's Jack White... do I really need to say more?
3. Carina Round : Tigermending
Each release from her just gets better and better. English avant-garde with a vocalist of the
Kate Bush know voice that can just strike your bones and make them vibrate like a tuning fork.
5. Tweaker : Call The Time Eternity
A beautiful sonic landscape by a master craftsman.
4. Marilyn Manson : Born Villain
A return of "action/reaction" Manson and I love it.
3. Carina Round : Tigermending
Cool, avant garde, and she moves closer to something tremendous every time she makes a record.
4. The Presets : Pacifica
Great beats and melodies and the voice just soars.
Photo By Andrew Furnevel
--Sean Beaven's Picks--
--Juliette Beavan's Picks--
2. Churchill : Change
Just honest rockin' Americana/blues at it's best. Bethany's voice just knock my socks off.
1. 8mm : Between The Devil and Two Black Hearts
It's true. It took 6 months of my blood, sweat and tears this year and
I can still listen to on repeat from beginning to end.