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Blameshift collaborated to pick the band's Top 10 Best Albums of 2012.
The independent rock band that formed in 2005 is from Long Island. They are nearly done recording their new
album and will launch an extensive east coast Reverbnation tour in January with Apparitions.
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The Top 10: Best Albums Of 2012
By Blameshift
6. Fun. : Some Nights
5. Hit The Lights : Invitica
This record is a lot more mature without losing their original sound completely.
The songs are put together much better than their previous work.
4. I The Mighty : Karma Never Sleeps
If you haven't heard of this band yet... now's the time.
They write incredible songs that are as much catchy as they are intricate.
3. 12 Stones : Beneath The Scars
We had the opportunity to tour with this amazing band all summer.
This record is their best work to date. The songs are all amazing and lyrically it's just perfect.
The conviction and emotion in Paul Mccoy's voice is undeniable.
2. The Used : Vulnerable
The Used can do no wrong and this record just proved that even more.
We really love the energy of this record.
1. Yellowcard : Southern Air
This record has some of the best rock songs we've heard in awhile on it. It's feel-good rock n' roll.
10. Linkin Park : Living Things
9. Muse : The 2nd Law
8. Anberlin : Vital
7. The Shins : Port Of Morrow