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Moore is the vocalist for Marion, Ohio band Scene Of The Crime.
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The Top 10: Albums I Can't Live Without
By Anthony "Slynque" Moore (Alien Robot God)
6. Nazareth : Hair Of The Dog
"My dad raised me on this album. Still awesome."
5. Sunny Day Real Estate : LP2
"Pure genius. That is all."
4. Coheed and Cambria : The Afterman: Ascension
"A lot of people thought they fell off. They quickly reminded those people to shut up."
3. Deftones : Around The Fur
"I know White Pony was their Purple Rain, but the raw energy of this album is where it's at."
2. Fun. : Some Nights
"Best pop album I ever did hear. Kinda reminds me of a modern day Queen."
1. Sunny Day Real Estate : The Rising Tide
"Second appearance on my list. And for good reason. Favorite band ever."
10. As Friends Rust : Won
Great band with heavy punk and hardcore influence. Not many people knew about them, which is just sad."
9. Minus : Jesus Christ Bobby  
"Icelandic 'noisecore' group. Chaotic and beautiful. Just like life."
8. Foo Fighters : The Colour And The Shape  
"Best. Rock. Album. Ever."
7. Faith No More : King For A Day...Fool For A Lifetime  
"The critically deemed worst album they made. But it's the most diverse. Rock, country, gospel, and metal all in one."
Photo By Kristen Oldham