Michael Warth
Contributing Photographer

For years, my old hand-me-down, circa 1953 Ihagee Exacta 35 mm
camera was the primary camera I used to take reference photos for
my drawings and paintings. I enjoyed photography; both the technical
aspects and the “magic” of the moment the image is captured, but
when I purchased my first digital camera, I became hooked. The
combination of computer, Photoshop® and the digital camera
made photography a "must do" artform I could not resist.

Over the years, I have assisted other photographers and, edited,
manipulated, and color corrected more photos than I care to admit for
them working in weddings, senior pictures, and traditional portraiture.
I really like the editing process, and will continue the process of
editing and assisting others, but I equally enjoy taking pictures. My
excitement in the realm of photography is almost overwhelming.  

Struggling with my vision as a photographer I couldn’t see myself
shooting the kind of work I was doing for others without having
serious burn out and intense boredom. I love music, I play the drums,
and I really wanted to shoot pictures that excited me. Something I
would do if I never needed the money. It was a no brainer; I wanted to
shoot pictures for the music and entertainment industry and the fans.
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