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Shidoshi has been part of the local Columbus music scene since the late
90s when he made his debut as a Rave and House Party DJ under the
name “DJ Shidoshi.”  In 2000, he founded Deviant Sex Labs Productions
and began hosting a promoting shows in Columbus as well as
managing a handful of promising local artists.  In addition to his local
notoriety, Shidoshi also had one of his original tracks published by Latex
Records out of Atlanta on a double-disc industrial electronic compilation
album called “Primal River Valley” that was distributed worldwide in 2005
– featured alongside such artists as Crüxshadows, Elektronika, Container
and Asmodeus X.

As a performance musician, Shidoshi has contributed as a scratch DJ for
the band “LiViD”, briefly as vocalist for the band “Suffer System” and as
keyboardist for the bands “Panik Kontrol” and “Curse Icon” – but is
primarily known as the founder and front man for the electronic duo “All
Known Aspects”.  As a promoter, Shidoshi gained attention for his
“Rockside Dolls” event that was first to combine live local music on stage
with exotic dancers in Columbus and hosted “Tuesday Night Acoustic” at
The Billiard Club for a spell.

Shidoshi has since developed Fatal Halo Media where he focuses his
creative efforts as a studio musician – collaborating with artists and
labels around the U.S., as a photographer (Fatal Halo Photography),
artist, writer and graphic designer.  He is a father to a son and a daughter,
enjoys tattoos, martial arts, meditation, movies (especially horror flicks)
and the occasional fine cigar.

The Cigar Culture

“For me, there are few things more rewarding than finishing a long and
tiring day by lighting up and enjoying a fine cigar and occasionally pairing
it up with an equally satisfying beverage.  My appreciation for cigars was
instilled at a fairly young age since my father has always been quite the
aficionado who has always had impeccable taste in cigars.  Despite our
considerable differences in tastes and personality, it was over a cigar that
my father and I first began to truly bond.  The sharing of a cigar between
father and son has always seemed a poetic way of initiating that unique
bond and while we sat on his beach house porch in South Carolina
listening to the waves lap the shore at high tide, admiring the stars in the
sky and listening to Jack Johnson songs playing softly in the background,
I felt that time stood still and we were able to linger in that moment of
personal connection for as long as our cigars burned.

“For me, smoking a cigar is a symbolic way to slow time in our personal
lives – to reflect on what we appreciate and to enjoy the finer things in life
– if only or a moment.  Unlike a cigarette that is machine-made, infused
with chemicals and smoked to satiate an addiction, a fine cigar is a
masterwork of craftsmanship that should be savored and appreciated for
the attention paid to it in the growing process, the care of its handmade
craftsmanship and its purity.  You don’t have to be a king or celebrity to
enjoy a fine cigar – but enjoying a fine cigar should certainly make you feel
like one.”

Favorite Cigars
•        Gurkha Grand Reserve
•        Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial
•        K. Hansotia “Ancient Warrior”
•        Montecristo Reserva Negra
•        A.J. Fernandez San Lotano Oval
•        Room 101 “323” Toro
•        CAO Brazilia

Shidoshi is a local Columbus musician, photographer, artist, digital
designer and cigar aficionado.  He is the owner of Fatal Halo Media and is
a loyal OOTB reader to boot!  You can subscribe to Shidoshi’s cigar
reviews through his online blog 'The Burn Notice' at: and find him on Facebook at:  Keep an eye out for his exclusive
“Goodfella” cigar events he hosts monthly around Columbus.  
You can mail him at:"
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