Erin Nye
Contributing Writer

Erin Nye joined the Out Of The Blue staff in late 2006 and has
since been a strong supporter and a contributor of writing many published pieces.

I'm a full-time single mom of a ten-year-old girl and I've worked in telecommunications and
logistics for the past 10 years. I work as a DJ part-time and am currently seeking a degree in
Marketing from Columbus State Community College.  Music is my passion and I spend
almost all of my free time going to shows and checking out new acts. Some say,
"Those who can't do, teach." Well I say, "Those who can't do, become critics!"

In any event, my happiness doesn’t rest on my
success. My contentment is more important to me.
Whether I’m cleaning fishes 12 hours a day or being
a musician, it’s just more important to be happy.
There are a lot of people that are very successful,
but they’re still completely miserable, the bottom
line though is that success doesn't bring happiness.
-From 2006 interview with Chris Hesse, Hoobastank

“You can live with me in this house
I've built out of writers blocks.”
-Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy

On Chinese Democracy:  We waited 17 years for
Axl to take a shit and he gave it to us,
courtesy of Protool!
-Me (Erin Nye)
Out Of The Blue