Chris Koons
Contributing Writer

I am a 21 year old promoter/manager from Muncie, Indiana. I do
a lot in the music, art and fashion industries. I have my own
company by the name of Shameless Promotions which I do band
representation and management, booking and DIY venue work,
artist management and representation. I work with bands, artists,
nonprofits and clothing companies all over the United States and
the United Kingdom. I’ve always loved to write as well. I was on
nationally recognized newspaper/publications staff with ‘The
Munsonian’ at Muncie Central High School. I was a news reporter
and features editor. My plan is to go to university at Ball State in
Muncie to major In Music Business and Journalism. Right now I do
not have any financial aid to go to uni but I am still working in the
fields I want to be in and I am gaining a lot of experience and
having a blast with it. I would not trade that for anything in the world.
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