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Well, what can I say about Van Halen that already hasn’t been said a million times before?
In one word: OUTSTANDING!

This was my first VH show ever and I don’t know for the life of me why it has taken me so long to get to a show.  
Oh, now I remember why... Van Hagar.  I like Sammy Hagar, I like VH, but I didn’t like VH + Hagar.

The energy levels were off the chart and Diamond Dave was in top form, just as charismatic now as he was back in
the 80s when they gained their popularity. I know that the purists out there are crying that it isn’t Van Halen without
Michael Anthony, but at least they kept it in the family.  

Wolfie VH was a natural, like he was born to play in this band. Hell, he probably knew how to play these songs before
he even left the womb.

They started off the show with “Light up the Sky,” played all the major hits such as “Runnin' with the Devil,”
“Drop Dead Legs,” “I’ll Wait,” “Hot for Teacher,” and they played a few that would be maybe a little obscure to the
casual VH fan and ended the night with “Panama” and “Jump."

Van Halen closed the set with just as much crazy energy that they started out with, Dave dancing and conducting the
show like the leader he knows he is and Eddie just grinning from ear to ear. Less hair, but not less fun.

Van Halen returns to Ohio Monday, Aug. 31 in Cincinnati at Riverbend Music Center.

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Van Halen
Blossom Music Center : Cleveland, Ohio : August 3, 2015
Review and Photos By MISSIE TONG