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String Cheese Incident (SCI) broke a 9 year Ohio drought with their show at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion (The LC)
in Columbus on October 19th. Ohio has been hungry in their absence. Most of the people that I talked to about the
evening's festivities said that they had either travelled to Colorado for a Red Rocks run in the last few years or caught
them at a festival like LOCKN’ or Electric Forest; outside of that there have been plenty of times to see String Cheese
Incident from the comfort of your own home through online streams throughout the year, but it just isn’t the same.

As fans waited for SCI to take the stage the rail at the front of the pit was lined with the ready faces of costumed
individuals. Fans were riding the rail and photographers were pinched between the sub woofers like a row of prairie
dogs in the Badlands of South Dakota. Just past 8 p.m. SCI took the stage with a flare of reggae that eventually
transformed into an "Exodus" instrumental tease by Bob Marley. This was the first rowdy eruption from the audience
(outside of the stage entrance) and the energy continued as SCI explored a 20+ minute rendition of "Best Feeling" to
kick things off. It’s a bit odd hearing this song without Keller Williams guesting. This transitioned into "Don’t It Make
You Wanna Dance" with some great crowd participation of the chorus at the end and then into a quick rendition of
"Dudley’s Kitchen." The audience roared.  

"Look At Where We Are" took the crowd through bit of a mombo. Kyle Hollingsworth got to show his chops throughout
MLT and then the band went on a three song adventure to the set break. "Give Me That Love" climbed to a mid song
rage and then simmered down into a mellow Pink Floyd like mood and transitioned smoothly into "Big Shoes."
This raced forward and evolved with interesting rhythm into "Piece Of Mine" sung by Kyle. The audience was
incredibly loud at the end of the set; the kind of cheering that make your ears screech.

The second set started just after 10 p.m. with Johnny Cash with Michael Kang on the fiddle. He seems to be able to
play anything with strings. Johnny Cash! Up next was "Jellyfish" into "Dirk" which sandwiched "Get Down On It" by
Kool and The Gang which ended with Kyle on the Frampton talk box. "Sweet Spot" went to extended places and found
its place with the crowd. "Looking Glass" was next on the list and explored some interesting territory with a tease of
"Baby, You’re A Rich Man" by the Beatles and then gradually transitioned into "Land’s End" which after a nine minute
instrumental jam segued into "Glory Chords." "Glory Chords" had another tease of "Baby, You’re A Rich Man" and
journeyed from slow tempo gradually to a speeding run.  

"Shine" ended the set with it’s bluegrassy start that adventured along for 17 minutes through different modes of music
that climaxed and fell until the final peak to end the second set with another huge applause. The encore consisted of
"Under African Skies" with the spotlight on the drummers and then "Whiskey Before Breakfast," a bluegrass song by
Norman Blake that seemed to speed up as fast as the band could take it. If there was barn dirt in the pit most of it
would have been in the air at the end of the show from all the dancing.

After three hours and ten minutes of solid music the band left the stage to thunderous applause by an audience that
clearly would like anything other then another nine year drought. Hopefully we will get some more Cheese in Ohio
sooner than later. Until then, we have tapes and other cities to explore.


Set One:                                                        
Best Feeling* > Don't It Make You Wanna Dance > Dudley's Kitchen, Look At Where We Are, MLT, Give Me the Love
> Big Shoes > Piece of Mine

Set Two:                                                                
Johnny Cash, Jellyfish > Dirk > Get Down On It** > Dirk, Sweet Spot, Looking Glass > Land's End > Glory Chords***
> Shine
Under African Skies, Whiskey Before Breakfast****

*w/ Exodus - Bob Marley
** Kool & The Gang
***w/ Baby, You’re a Rich Man tease
**** Norman Blake
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The String Cheese Incident
The LC Pavilion : Columbus, Ohio : October 19, 2015
Review and Photos By  ZANE A. MILLER