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Summer heat and metal music have fused together for six years as a haven for headbangers under the adrenaline
fueled touring package known as the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. The one of a kind fest organized by
Kevin Lyman and John Reese brought ten hours of back to back metal and rock on four stages at Klipsch Music
Center in Noblesville, Indiana.

The Jagermeister Stage and Musicians Institute Stage were set up side by side to ensure a constant loop of
uninterrupted metal with an average 30-minute set for 11 bands. Side stage headliners Machine Head and Children
Of Bodom walloped the crowd with intense sets that initiated massive circle pits. Earlier in the afternoon the female-led
beauties of Huntress and Butcher Babies dominated the stage with their beastly, thrashing vocals.

Closer to the venue's entrance, the Sumerian Stage featured three area artists that won the "Headbang For The
Highway" contest and closed with sets from City In The Sea and Scorpion Child. The stage had less space to pack in,
but it remained a popular attraction and provided a solid metal soundtrack to passerbys and those waiting in lines to
purchase band merch, food and beverages.  

After the side stage sets ended in the evening, fans gathered into the main stage pavilion to watch this year's
headliners Amon Amarth, Mastodon, Five Finger Death Punch and Rob Zombie.

Amon Amarth sailed onto stage with a set design featuring a well-crafted half boat. The Swedish band performed
songs from it's nine albums with a focus on their most recent and most successful metal album
Deceiver of the Gods.

Mastodon turned things down a little with the Grammy nominated band's perfected mix of metal, rock and progressive
breakdowns. By far, the most laid back set of the day.

As always, Five Finger Death Punch fired the crowd up with their flawless hit song performances and a fan involved
set. The mid-set drum solo by Jeremy Spencer and the guitar solo works of Jason Hook were top notch.
The Los Angeles band only performed "Lift Me Up" from their new album
The Wrong Side of Heaven and the
Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1
. 5FDP will likely play more new material on their upcoming fall headlining tour with
Gemini Syndrome, Escape The Fate and Miss May I.

Rob Zombie never disappoints as one of the continuous leading bands with an all out theatrical set that features pyro
and a gothic abstract set design. The horror rock anthems and danceable industrial beats turned mosh pits into a
body moving dance party and singalong. Fans heard some White Zombie classics including "More Human Than
Human" and "Thunderkiss '65" as well as tracks from the latest album
Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor including:
"Teenage Nosferatu Pussy," "Dead City Radio" and Grand Funk Railroad cover song "We're An American Band."
Other cover songs performed included Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and Alice Cooper's "School's Out." The band
featuring teeth-playing guitarist John 5, drummer Ginger Fish and bassist Piggy D also cranked out "Dragula,"
"Superbeast" and "Living Dead Girl." Before taking a break, Rob Zombie will perform a handful of headline shows.    

Mayhem Fest continued to live up to it's name in 2013 as a day of nonstop, fist pumping metal brutality. The external
battle scars of sun burnt flesh paled in comparison to the wrath of internally exploded ear drums. The only
disappointment was being unable to see a performance by Behemoth. Now we wait, guess and anticipate next year's
lineup announcements.
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Mayhem Fest 2013 unites metal heads in Indiana with solid, thrashing live sets
Written, Photos By  NEIL SHUMATE  
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Five Finger Death Punch
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