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Prince of Space vs Matt and Kim
Lifestyle Communities Pavilion : Columbus, Ohio : April 16, 2015
Out Of The Blue
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Written By J. W. SHUMATE  |  Photos By NEIL SHUMATE
The Beast from Dimension Y, in its death throes, generated a rift that transported me to an alien time and place.
White cape wrapped round my ravaged body, I entered the LC Pavilion, hoping to locate a transport back to Mysterian
Mansion. Instead, I found a stately venue packed with young fans, arms raised for a duo known as Matt and Kim.

Lifted on a high-rise platform, Kim bashed her drums, an indestructible grin playing across her face. The gentleman,
this “Matt”, rendered intoxicating beats from his keyboard.

In my dimension, it would take all twelve Mysterians, suited and armed for action, to save the planet. Here, to my
astonishment, stood but two—the only heroes the audience needed.

Music, as far as I have gathered during my short time on Earth, is an affair best performed by multiple artists—the
bass, the lead guitar, the drums, the woodwinds, the singer—but here, impossibly, this duo managed to elicit a joyous
bombardment of sound that held the audience in thrall. To see humans engage in such an advanced display of
technological know-how was utterly befuddling.

As were the overtly sexual gyrations of Kim, who stood upon her drums and presented parts of herself that would be
unconscionable to the women familiar to me. She made a mockery of feminine decorum, and the audience loved her
for it.

In this flashing throng, with my white flowing cape and laser-proof helmet firmly in place, I let slip my guard, lowered
my ray gun, and, smiling, waited for the encore, only to hope another encore would take its place. Your humble
Prince of Space, fresh from defeating an extradimensional creature, had met his match.  

J. W. Shumate earned his MFA from West Virginia University. His fiction has most recently appeared in The Conium Review and
Stirring. Prince of Space: http://coniumreview.com/blog/love-pos/   |  Vladimir: http://www.sundresspublications.com/stirring/

Brooklyn based indie dance duo Matt and Kim recently released their fifth album New Glow including singles: "Get It,"
Hey Now," "Hoodie On," and "Can You Blame Me." In addition to Matt and Kim's recent sold-out Columbus' show
presented by CD102.5, the duo is continuing it's
tour trek with Waters.