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I was pretty excited for this show. I’ve been a Nazareth fan since high school (not gonna say how far back that was,
but it was far enough) and had never had the opportunity to see them live. They were well rehearsed and tight as a
band, so I would have never guessed that the only original member was the bassist, Pete Agnew. Even their singer
Carl Sentence, who joined the band in 2013, sounded so much like their original singer that you wouldn’t even have
noticed except for the fact that he looked way too young to have been an original member from the early 70s.  

I was told by an audience member that Carl was in a Nazareth tribute band before landing the gig in the real thing, so
that would explain the fact of him sounding the part. That voice is such a unique voice so it would be next to impossible
to find someone remotely sounding like the original, but they did and its working for them quite well I might add.  

The Nazareth set consisted of their time tested hits such as “Love Hurts” and the then controversial song but tame by
today’s standards, “Hair of the Dog,” aka “The Son Of A Bitch Song.” One of my favorites, “Miss Misery” was
performed, but much to my disappointment “Whiskey Drinkin' Woman” didn’t make the cut this time around. With the
resurgence of acts from the 70’s and 80’s, I am hoping this Scottish born band makes repeat performances here in
Central Ohio.

Deep Purple, whose member roster since their beginning reads like a Who’s Who in Rock N Roll list, was the
headliner for this show and proceeded to pound the audience with what seemed like long, epic renditions of their
songs. Not being really familiar with Deep Purple past “Smoke on the Water,” the long instrumental trading of solos
between guitarist Steve Morse and keyboardist Don Airey became a bit tedious and boring to me. Other than the fact
that each song felt like an entire album in itself time wise, I have no complaints about what I saw and heard. The guys
were all in top form and gave the die-hard Deep Purple fans what they came for that night.

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Deep Purple and Nazareth
The Ohio State Fair : Columbus, Ohio : August 5, 2015
Review and Photos By MISSIE TONG