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Most bands can never recover from losing their singer, regardless of how that loss came about, but Alice in Chains
doesn’t fall within those ranks. While no one can replace Layne Staley, William DuVall has done one hell of a
successful job keeping AIC alive and kickin.  

Anyone who has been to an Alice in Chains show recently would agree that Layne’s presence was strongly felt, and
was a contributing factor to the show being as great as it was. DuVall’s ability to create those soulful harmonies with
Jerry Cantrell is the key to getting that signature AIC sound that we all know and love.

The set list for the show at The Shoe in Cincinnati strayed a little from the lists that have been floating around the web
from previous shows. There were no opening bands, so it was a night of all Alice in Chains. Only disappointment for
me was that “Grind” and “Sea of Sorrow” didn’t make the list and “Bleed the Freak,” that had been on previous show’s
set list, was dropped from this show. Other than that, the choice of songs for the show was a nice sampling from the
entire career of the band that should have made everyone happy that they came and stayed, not letting the fine misty
rain kill the vibe of the show.

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Alice In Chains Tour Dates
Alice In Chains
Horseshoe Casino : Cincinnati, Ohio : August 6, 2015
Review and Photos By MISSIE TONG