Bobaflex: Independent rock warriors, new album
Hell in My Heart currently available at live shows
An interview with vocalist, guitarist Shaun McCoy
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They might call West Virginia home, but it seems the hard rocking members of Bobaflex hang
their hat in a different city every night; thus, distinguishing them as one of the hardest working
bands in the country today. The band, which consists of brothers Shaun and Marty McCoy (who
formed the band in 1998), Tommy Johnson, Chris Grogan, and Jerod Mankin, just released their
latest album entitled
Hell in My Heart. Their single from the album "Bury Me with My Guns" is
quickly becoming a fan favorite all over the country, especially here in Columbus where it’s
widely requested on 99.7 The Blitz.

Hell in My Heart was written during a difficult time for the band, having endured a two year legal
battle after their former label declared bankruptcy. It seems the adversity served as a fuel to
their creative fire, with the results being a kick ass album. Though it was a long fought war,
Bobaflex definitely came out victorious. And after talking with Shaun McCoy, it’s hard to not be
enamored with the down to earth and humble band. Shaun was nice enough to take some time
out to talk to me in between tour stops and talk about the album and all things Bobaflex. Here’s
what he had to say.

Michelle (OOTB): So you’re on the road, where are you heading today?
Shaun: We are headed to Spokane, Washington.

Michelle (OOTB): And are you on a nice tour bus?
Shaun: We are traveling in a 15-passenger white van, kind of like a kidnapper van. It’s pretty
spacious, like four guys can sleep the whole time, so it’s cool.

Michelle (OOTB): (laughs) Well that doesn’t seem as cool as a big tour bus.
Shaun: No, but you know we've spent a lot of money on promotions for this tour. We hired New
Ocean Media, a marketing promoter, and an independent radio promoter just like a label would.
It’s really working out good. We are getting feedback now and getting ads on the radio so we’re
pretty stoked.

Michelle (OOTB): Let’s talk about the new album. Tell me about the recording process
and why we can’t find it on iTunes or Amazon.
Shaun: Yeah, we pulled it. It is available at shows right now but it may be re-released later at the
end of spring or summer. We haven’t really decided because we just put it out on our own. This
copy of
Hell in My Heart is a limited edition you can only get exclusively at a show!

And the album was born out of the ashes of TVT, our old label who went bankrupt. We weren’t
able to sign with anyone for a year and a half. We were owned by a bank that seized everything
in the bankruptcy. So we had to fight a legal battle and during that time we secretly recorded the
album ourselves on our own dime, all 15 tracks. Once we were free, which took about a year
and a half of legal stuff, we released an EP
Chemical Valley, which is five (of fifteen) of the
songs on
Hell in My Heart. Hopefully in May we’ll release it again.

Michelle (OOTB): Bobaflex is pretty huge here in Ohio. I know "Bury Me with My Guns"
is one of the top requested songs on The Blitz in Columbus. Are you finding similar
success in other parts of the country?
Shaun: It’s starting. We’ve hired an independent radio promoter. We don’t have the money that a
big label does but with the cash we have, she’s gotten us six ads on radio. We are getting spun
in Missoula and Madison, Wis. on WJJO which is a huge influential rock station. We are also
playing live on the air everywhere. We just got picked up in Portland, Maine. It’s coming slow but
it’s building and it’s exciting to see it happen because we don’t have a label right now and we are
doing it on our own so as more money comes in we’ll put more money behind Bobaflex and see
if we can get that song top ten nationally.

Michelle (OOTB): You’ve made a few appearances here in Columbus on The Blitz, who’
s your favorite DJ there?
Shaun: Oh wow. We really like them all. We hang out with Theo, Mo, and Blazor so much.They
are like my children; I can’t really pick a favorite.

Michelle (OOTB): Not too long ago I heard your cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s "The
Sound of Silence." It totally blew me away. Any plans to record that for those of us who
would give their right arm for a copy?
Shaun: Yes! It is recorded and when we re-release the record it will probably be on there. We've
been playing it a lot and getting a great response live and many people have been flipping out
about it so that could be the song that changes the game. I’d love to have the classic set up of
Guns and another rocker and then that song. Really do the cross over thing; you know anyone
from a 10 year old to a 50 year old will like that song.

Michelle (OOTB): Yeah, it’s absolutely amazing. I’d love to have a copy of it.
Shaun: That’s what I've been hearing left and right, so we definitely know it’s something that has
to be put on the record.

Michelle (OOTB): I was reading that you and Marty have ancestral ties to the McCoys
of the infamous Hatfield and McCoy feud. Would you say that you two are lovers or
Shaun: (laughs) A little bit of both I’d say. Yeah a little bit of both (laughs again).

Michelle (OOTB): Do you get a lot of people asking you about that?
Shaun: We did when we were first on a label and it was a big marketing thing with TVT and they
kept bringing it up. I've actually been asked if I hate Hatfields. I say, “No man, that was 100 years
ago, I don’t even know those people!” It’s funny because there are bloodier feuds in American
history but for some reason that one got all the press.

Michelle (OOTB): So, if you were to be buried with a gun, what kind would it be?
Shaun: If I were to be buried with a gun…hmm…I would have to say that being a Rambo fan an
M60. I just read a book about the weapons they are using in Afghanistan, I don’t know if it was an
M2, but it was a belt fed grenade launcher gun. That would be pretty cool, too.

Michelle (OOTB): I know you are playing on St. Patrick’s Day here in my hometown of
Chillicothe. What other Ohio dates do you have coming up?
Shaun: We are hitting Sandusky and Chillicothe. I think that’s it on this tour. Later in April we’ll be
doing a show for The Blitz in Columbus. We are pretty excited about that show.

Michelle (OOTB): And since concert season is upon us, any big tours coming up?
Shaun: Well we are looking into it. Depends on what is going on with the album, but we plan to
tour all summer. Right now I know we are doing some festivals but right now we’re just holding
our card and see what’s going on with the record. We’ll be announcing that stuff soon on
Facebook and on our website.

Michelle (OOTB): Where can fans find you online?
Shaun: Our website is www.theofficialBobaflex.com , you can check out the show dates on
there and then the
Bobaflex Tourpage on Facebook, we interact with fans on there and there’s
just the regular
Bobaflex Facebook were you can download old songs. But if you want to interact
with the band personally hit the Bobaflex Tourpage.

Michelle (OOTB): Is there anything you’d like to say to the people of Columbus?
Shaun: Yeah! Thanks for supporting us and thanks for making "Bury Me with My Guns" number
one. You know the band had some hard times and the support of us in Columbus really helped
revitalize the band. A lot of good things have happened to us because Columbus’ support and
love of that song. We are always appreciative of Columbus; they really helped push us and get
us back on the road and pay our bills!

Michelle (OOTB): Shaun, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to
talk with me for Out Of The Blue today. Best of luck on the tour!
Shaun: Absolutely, thank you!

Bobaflex current Ohio Tour Dates:
Thurs. March 17 at First Capital Music Hall in Chillicothe
Sun. March 27 at Live Wire Concert Club in Mentor

See all Bobaflex Tour Dates here       Watch video for "Chemical Valley"

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