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LC Pavilion : Columbus, Ohio : May 7, 2015
Photos & Review By MISSIE TONG
Out Of The Blue
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Styx once again wowed the crowds of Columbus at the LC Pavilion on May 7th. Never a band to
disappoint, the guys always bring it in a big way, packing the house butt to nut with a crowd of
about 3,000 rabid fans.

This show was all about Styx... no opener, just Styx with two full hours of fan favorites and a big,
suite, surprise... yes, they played "Suite Madame Blue"! The show could have ended there and
I would have been one happy camper, but after a 20 minute intermission, they came back and kept
the party going for another hour.  

Never getting enough, the hordes of screaming fans demanded more and with Styx being all about
keeping the fans happy, we got a few more songs out of them, ending the night with "Renegade".  

Styx is one of those bands that no matter how many times they come to your town, you find a way
to be there.