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Giving Recognition and Respect
By Neil Shumate  
Published 12.15.09

When starting Out Of The Blue Publications in 2001, I began observing and collecting various outlets that
provided readers and fans with similar content that we have always offered.

Although OOTB is not affiliated with this list, I would like to recognize such similar area mass media
entertainment conquests and give my respect and appreciation to these hard workers and leaders who
offer professional content in various forms.  

Thank you for existing and sharing the greatness of valuable entertainment forms that is often overlooked
and underappreciated in mainstream media. Some of the recognized below may have since parted,  closed
their doors, or are taking on other projects within the same realm.

614 Magazine  
Active Dayton  http://www.activedayton.com/
Agit Reader http://agitreader.com/
AltOhio  http://www.altohio.com/
Alternative Revolt Magazine  http://www.altrevolt.com/
Buzzbin Magazine  http://www.buzzbinmagazine.com/
Capital City Radio  http://capitalcityradio.org/
Cincy Groove Magazine http://www.cincygroove.com/
Cleveland Scene  http://www.clevescene.com/cleveland/Home
Columbus Mag   http://www.columbusmag.com/
Columbus Underground http://www.columbusunderground.com/
Cover-Online  http://www.cover-online.com/
Cringe.com  http://www.cringe.com/current/
Donewaiting.com  http://www.donewaiting.com/
Emcee Magazine  http://www.myspace.com/493132358
Fliprag Magazine  http://www.fliprag.com/
Fly Paper Blog  http://www.flypaperblog.com/
Free Times  http://www.freetimes.com/
Hipolicy Magazine http://www.hipolicymag.com/
Homegrown Hero  http://www.myspace.com/homegrownheromag
Local Pop Radio Hour  http://www.lprh.org/
Melt Magazine  http://www.meltmag.com/
Metromix Cincinnati: http://cincinnati.metromix.com/
Metromix Cleveland: http://cleveland.metromix.com/  
Metromix Columbus:
Milk Money  http://www.milkmoneymag.com/
Music Ohio  http://www.musicohio.com/
Out There Megazine  http://www.otmegazine.com/
Outer Belt Magazine http://www.theouterbelt.com/
Pat Radio http://patradio.org/blogs/index.php?frontpage
Ruse the magazine http://www.rusemag.com/RUSE_the.magazine.html
Substream Press  http://www.substreammusicpress.com/
Word Good  http://www.wordgoodmag.com/wg/home.html
X Magazine  http://www.myspace.com/xmagazinex

If there are other area independent Web sites, blogs or magazines with similar content that you may have
seen, please let me so I can check them out and add them to this list.

After being in college at Ohio State since 2004 and getting my Associate of Arts degree and a minor in
Geography, I finally expect to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in one or two more quarters.  

In 1954 Aldous Huxley wrote
The Doors of Perception.  While “under the influence” he wrote about his
experience while listening to music.
“And now someone produced a phonograph and put a record on the turntable.  I listened with pleasure,
but experienced nothing comparable to my seen apocalypses of flowers or flannel.  Would a naturally
gifted musician
hear the revelations which, for me, had been exclusively visual?  It would be interesting to
make the experiment.”
“Instrumental music, oddly enough, left me rather cold.  Mozart’s C-Minor Piano Concerto was
interrupted after the first movement, and a recording of some madrigals by Gesualdo took its place.
‘These voices,’ I said appreciatively, ‘these voices—they’re a kind of bridge back to the human world.’”