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Bioshock   180 Hours Logged  
By J. W. Shumate
Published 12.15.09

Mr. B thumps and/or drills the smelly guys.  Moans, moans, drills and/or thumps.  When Mr. B
tucks me into the wall hole for more sleepy time, I am less worried than when out getting juice from
the dead smelly guys.  One dead smelly guy had no left eye and no lips and his juice was clumpy
like clam chowder or what I remember or think clam chowder might consist of if eating but I don’t
eat any more unless made normal again.  The floors are cold especially when glass on my bare feet
so Mr. B carries me on his shoulder then moans and drills and/or thumps when confronting living
smelly guys with hooks always hooks or guns in dirty hands Mr. B moans this.  My sister was
killed or worm-sucked by a stranger who is not as smelly as normal and is not Mr. B.  My other
sister was made normal so could eat clam chowder by same stranger.  Another sister of mine did
not die or become normal but was instead protected by Mr. B, who moaned, then drilled.  In my
wall hole I will not see the stranger but maybe smell him and wish he would normal me.  Mr. B
loves me and I love Mr. B but if this stranger normals me B will have to die.  Is clam chowder
worth this?  Worth anything?  What is clam chowder?