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Matt and Kim light fans up with enthusiastic Columbus show
The LC : Columbus, Ohio : November 14, 2012
A diverse crowd joined together and released a contagious wave of euphoric, upbeat energy last night at The LC in Columbus. The act behind the
charged positivity was Brooklyn, New York duo Matt and Kim. Kim Schifino (drummer) asked Matt Johnson (vocalist/keyboardist) if he was fucking
ready and he exclaimed, “yeah, I’m fucking ready!” The playfulness, chemistry and idiosyncrasies between Matt and Kim were reciprocated by the
audience to create a synergetic 90-minute performance. The smiling pair performed DIY radio hits from all four of their albums including
released last month. Matt figuratively transformed his keys into a DJ turntable, mixing hip-hop and dance hits into tracks with interludes. Enhancing
the dance club vibe and Flaming Lips atmosphere were spectator-embracing party favors: confetti and balloons. Listen to a Matt and Kim album and
you might not quite get it, but if you go to a live show, you’ll understand. The duo will tour with Passion Pit in 2013.
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