Aussie land's Youth Group headlines in Columbus, Akron
N. SHUMATE, OUT OF THE BLUE     posted: Oct. 7, 2009
Australia’s diverse melodic rock outfit Youth Group is fresh off
tour with the reunited The Get Up Kids and have immediately
kicked off their own U.S. headlining trek in support of their fourth
full-length album,
The Night Is Ours.

Having dedicated a large portion of time in the states this year for
touring, the Sydney-based band’s front man Toby Martin (vocals,
guitar) said America has become like a second home.

“We’ve all actually been living in New York since March and have
become well-adjusted to America,” said Martin during a phone
interview before taking stage in Omaha, NE.  “We still visit home,
but I think a lot of people in arts often live in other cities for awhile,
its part of retribution.”

Unfortunately for stateside fans, Youth Group albums are released
three or more months after their release in Australia; however,
Martin sees this as an opportunity.

“I kinda like it because we’re always able to change some things,”
Martin said. “We’ve changed the album cover before and
sometimes we add or change some tracks.”

Experimenting with different approaches for their music has been
an important component to Youth Group’s consistent, yet changing

“On the second record [
Skeleton Jar] we kind of found something
that was ours I think, and it just sorta came and evolved out of
song writing,” said Martin.  “Being different to what you’ve done
before, yeah, having conscious ideas to try something out.”

Also different for the four-piece band was recording their latest LP
in a 1920’s vacant mess hall on Sydney’s harbor.  With the studio
clock ticking Martin said making their own studio, with the help of
connections from Cameron Emerson-Elliott (guitar), was an
immersive experience.

“It had it’s own sense of isolation, like it’s own country on the
water, even though it was only 20 minuets from Sydney.  I think
the environment made the album more contemplative, more so than
others,” said Martin.  “There was a sense of space and time and it
wouldn't be quite like that in a real studio.”

In response to the Aug. 26 announcement of Youth Group’s U.S.
label services group, World’s Fair, folding Martin remains

“I think the traditional record label being responsible for everything
might stop.  Culture finds fast new ways to distribute music,” said
Martin.  “It’s kind of terrifying and exciting, but bands always find
a way to take it on.”  

With this being Youth Group’s second return to the states, Martin
said fans might hear a couple songs rarely performed.

“We’ll probably play a couple from the first album,” Martin said.  
“Right now I enjoy playing ‘A Sign,’ it’s different than anything
we've written.  It’s a bit less like worry me songs, and it’s a bit
more just straight up pleasure.”  

After a positive receiving three months ago in Columbus, Youth
Group returns tonight at The Basement.

“We’re looking forward to Columbus, we had a fun gig there last
time and we’re excited to play again,” said Martin.

Youth Group will also perform tomorrow at Musica in Akron, OH.
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