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The New Collisions will make their Columbus, Ohio debut with
the sounds of new wave pop music on Monday night.

Taking a break from practice in Boston, Mass. for a phone
interview, vocalist Sarah Guild said the band is ready to tour in
advance of their Nov. 17 Invisible Embraces EP release.

“We recorded with Anthony Resta who’s worked with Collective
Soul, Elton John, Duran Duran, and I feel like it’s a cut above the
rest,” Guild said.  “He’s so creative and sensitive with the
engineering that the timing of every beat is precisely placed.”  

Along with producer Resta, The Cars’ keyboardist Greg Hawkes
also worked with The New Collisions on their first recordings
after he saw one of the band’s first live shows.

“Really excited about the EP. Yeah, every band says that, but it
really has a feel like we can deliver that thing live,” Guild said. “It’
s pretty slick to be honest.”

Despite forming only six months ago, the 80’s synth-driven
sounding band landed opening spots for the B52’s and Blondie
during the summer.  

“We were suggested to open for the B52’s, we were like ‘yeah,
of course!’ and it went well,” Guild said.  “We got more dates
[with them] and got offered a date with Blondie.”

Through combining previous music experiences, Guild said the
band was able to form quickly.

“I’m more classically trained in choral music, I took private
lessons. And I played viola and piano for years,” she said.
Boston's The New Collisions ready to party it up at the Rumba Café
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Guild’s husband, Scott Guild, is the band’s guitarist and she said
he is self-taught with interests in poetry and songwriting.

“We’ve been doing music together for the past couple years,
mostly acoustic stuff,” she said. “And we decided to move to
Boston and intentionally start this project.”

Completing the lineup in late April, Guild said Berklee trained Alex
Stern (bass/vocals), music business experienced Casey
Gruttadauria (synth/keys/logistics) and Zak Kahn (drums) were
added through friend connections and a Craigslist posting.

Guild said personal influences designate the band’s atypical
sound—a combination of Pat Benatar, Bob Dylan, Blondie and
Leonard Cohen with rock, pop and reggae genres.

“We definitely started with simple punk sounding songs and the
writing process brought in the 80s, and adding the synth player
sealed the deal,” she said.  “My personal inspiration was that era

Throughout their fall tour Guild said they will perform their Boston
radio rotated song “Parachutes on the Dance Floor” and a few
new songs that fans haven’t heard.

“Expect a killer live show with a lot of energy and excellent
musicianship. Come talk to us, let us know what you think,” Guild

“I’m hoping for exuberant dancing in Columbus.  Let’s party!”

The New Collisions will take the stage at 10 p.m.on Oct. 26 in
The Rumba Café, 2507 Summit St., Columbus, OH.
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