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Why did you want to include American Express as part of the launch of the new album?
BRANDON FLOWERS:  I had seen the Arcade Fire one and the Coldplay one and I thought it was a great idea and wanted to be a part of it. And the
fact that you get the freedom to pick a director and we’re so lucky to have Werner say yes. He was at the top of the list.
WERNER HERZOG: Yeah, the enthusiasm and the urgency with the band wanting to have me. I thought yes this is completely new terrain for me,
but thinking about maybe 10 million people out there wanting to be interactive. The audience and the band will see the pictures and they look at each
other, the live audience in the theater is looking at the faces of other fans.
BRANDON FLOWERS: I think it’s a great idea! It’s so communal it brings the whole world together and it makes me... I feel almost emotional about
it when he talks about it, because I think of all these people. We are still in the middle of it, it all happened so fast that we don’t realize how worldwide
it really has become

Werner (director) used to tell stories about misunderstood or insane people trying to do something special. Do you guys fit that
WERNER HERZOG: When I met the band for the first time I immediately had this connection that they are good solid human beings with a strange
background, possibly, yes. They are wonderful to work with as professionals, very, very easy. Within an hour we did a short film, scripted and edited
in less than an hour. I like how the band has exuberance and can go wild.

In what ways will tonight be different for you (Werner) from normally being behind the camera for movies?
WERNER HERZOG: It’s all a challenge. I’ve never done it before and I’ve warned the band. I’m jumping into the unknown and I know that the band is
out there and I can jump out the window with the band and I don’t care if there’s rock bottom down there or soft water, I must jump with them and it’s
going to be fine.

Knowing that show show will be live-streamed tonight, does that put any additional pressure on the performance?
RONNIE VANNUCCI: Yeah, quite a bit of pressure. It’s seems like we’ve been doing a lot of that lately. We just hope everything goes off without a
hitch, there’s a lot of technology involved and that’s different for us.

Will tonight’s performance foreshadow what fans can expect when you hit the road?
BRANDON FLOWERS: There’s gonna be some elements that are gonna continue, but we’re still learning these new songs. We’re only playing a
few new songs right now and we still have a few weeks of rehearsals to incorporate this whole record into our live set, because we really wanna
play these new songs.

What do you hope fans will get out of this live experience tonight?
WERNER HERZOG: To me, get something across that’s authentic, that’s live that brings over the excitement, that brings over the character of the
band and also incorporates the world out there. It’s a beautiful challenge. There’s no post-production, you have 18 cameras and you have to make
instantaneous decisions. Sometimes of course there will be mistakes and the mistakes cannot be corrected, so be it. It doesn’t really worry me and
it doesn’t worry if there’s 500 people out there or 10 million. Let’s just do it.

In what ways has the band grown and changed from the making of Hot Fuss back in 2004 to a band that has created Battle Born in 2012?
BRANDON FLOWERS: I’m a more concise lyric writer. No matter how close to your heart you hold that first record, the lyrics aren’t as fully realized
as they are now. I’ve read more books, grown, had more experiences, and we’ve played so many live shows that we can’t help but be more
powerful as a band. Hopefully those things should come through on
Battle Born.

How did Steve Lillywhite (producer) contribute to the Motown vibe for "Flesh and Bone" on the new album?
BRANDON FLOWERS: The Motown section wasn’t a Motown section until Steve came. There’s a certain way that I sing a couple of the lines in the
song that are reminiscent of Motown and Detroit, the way that I sing “I’m runnin outta time” and things like that. We had the bridge written and he
suggested we try it with a different flavor and it turned out that way. And that’s one of the benefits of having a great producer, more ideas.

What did Daniel Lanois bring to the table as a producer?
RONNIE VANNUCCI: Because he’s both a great mind and great musician, he’s able to link up with us in ways that maybe other producers don’t.
One of the advantages was that we were all in the same room together making songs. Incidentally it was the first time we ever collaborated with
another person to write songs. I guess that he sort of took a more organic, more earthy approach. He’s a big proponent of making human sounds
with instruments, if that makes any sense. He helped us tap into a side that we’ve moved forward with a little on our own, but never actually put on a
record before.

What’s your secret to keeping the assets of The Killers in every single record, but not repeating yourself?
RONNIE VANNUCCI: I think within each one of us we have this integrity, we have this sort of strength of a big headed type of non-bending thing
about us. The way we do things. I think it’s just the four of us in combination not willing to compromise much for anything, which sort of leaves us
with a good end result or a good yield. We’re strong-willed.

Is it harder or easier to make music after all these years with more records and success?
BRANDON FLOWERS: It’s harder to make the records for some reason. We put a certain amount of pressure on ourselves and we have raised
the bar as high we can, physically, these four guys together. So you wanna get there again, you wanna get over it. And it’s nerve racking, the
prospect that you might not get there, you know that your best days are behind you.

The official Twitter hashtag for tonight is #AmexUnstaged. If you miss tonight's American Express Unstaged live concert stream, it will be
here for 16 hours post-show.
The Killers connect with fans globally tonight via "American Express Unstaged"
By NEIL SHUMATE  Published September 18, 2012
Following a brief hiatus to break from touring and
pursue solo projects, The Killers have returned to
release their fourth studio album
Battle Born.

In conjunction with today's release, the Las
Vegas-based band will connect globally with a live
broadcast of tonight's sold-show at Paradise Theater
in New York as part of the "American Express
Unstaged" live concert series.

Tonight fans can submit a photo of themselves with
a sign displaying their location which will interactively
be broadcast on screens at the venue throughout the
Submit Here.

This 11th American Express Unstaged event will be
broadcast for free tonight at 7 p.m.
Watch Here.

To kick off The Killers' first album release in four
years with tonight's concert, lead vocalist Brandon
Flowers, drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. and the
award-winning German event director paired by the
band, Werner Herzog, joined media outlets for an
exclusive teleconference interview this late afternoon
that included
Out Of The Blue.
The Killers. Image provided.
Out Of The Blue
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