Saosin release second full-length, headline fall tour
A talk with the honest and personable vocalist
N. SHUMATE, OUT OF THE BLUE     posted: Sept. 8, 2009
Saosin’s lead vocalist Cove Reber is both excited and hesitant for
reactions to the release of the band’s highly anticipated second
In Search Of Solid Ground, set to release today through
Virgin in various formats.

“It’s something new, not the same old same old,” said Reber
during an interview at the Warped Tour in Cincinnati, OH.  
“We’ve put together good unique music. There is a lot of honesty
in the lyrics, my heart breaks just like yours. I get scared of what
people might think. Some of it's new sounding for us.”

In October last year to receive feedback before they began
recording the new album, Saosin released a three-song demo with
two acoustic versions of former songs, titled
The Grey EP.

“We wanted to let it sit and let the kids hear it and see what they
liked first,” Reber said.

All three songs from
The Grey EP are included on the new
album, either as different track titles or recorded as different
versions with similarities: “Why Can’t You See?” kept the same
title, “Keep Secrets” is now “I Keep My Secrets Safe,” and
“The Worst of Me” was renamed “Love Maker.”

While writing lyrics for the new album Reber said he was
influenced by personal experiences, including those of a recent
relationship; for the music, Saosin applied various respectable
influences from each band member to create something fresh.

Reber said some of the band members are older and draw
influences from classic rock.  Reber himself said he is greatly
influenced by Incubus among other bands and musicians.  

“It’s unique for us to combine different influences and recreate
those to create new music,” Reber said.  “It’s good to be
influenced by older bands that have stood the test of time.”

The dedicated Saosin fan base has been through a few changes
since the band formed in 2003:  a new lead singer, a new
pronunciation of the band’s name and more recently,
In Search
Of Solid Ground
album artwork rejection (which was changed
just two days before the album was pressed).
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Saosin's official new album cover art.
Read about their quick decision on their MySpace blog
Saosin's original cover art that was decidedly botched.
The artwork was released to Alternative Press
“Our fans actually like good music,” Reber said, “if you think
Underoath is the best band ever, then you’re mistaken.”  
However, Reber said he is friends with Underoath’s lead singer
Spencer Chamberlain, and he respects him for his honest lyrics.

“I walked around once [at Warped] and saw a fan with a Saosin
shirt watching Jeffree Starr on stage, and I was like ‘what are
you thinking?,’” Reber said.

To further his point, Reber looked over at a Warped band being
interviewed beside us and said:  “I may think these guys suck, but
I respect them for making music still.”

To create a newer sound on the LP, the band used four different
producers, including Butch Walker.

The energetic stage presence of Reber is often a response to
negative happenings that build throughout the day.

“Today, I woke up sweating, we were all sweating,” said Reber,
“the temperature broke on the bus! I was pretty pissed.  Stuff like
that happens, it builds up and I take it out on stage.”

We also briefly discussed technology, the unfortunate too flawless
capabilities of Pro Tools, his Rage Against The Machine
influence and the “no breathing room, tough but fun” continuous
touring that the band embraces.  

Reber is a straightforward, sincere person who deeply and
proudly respects Saosin’s loyal fans.  In concluding the interview,
with anything else to add, Reber said everyone should “listen to
music that isn’t in your genre.”  

After we spoke, Underoath’s Chamberlain walked into the press
room and Reber greeted him with a smile and handshake.

Saosin will trek through Columbus, OH at Newport Music Hall on
Sun., Nov. 22 to headline PacSun’s “PacTour” with support by
Innerpartysystem, P.O.S. and Eye Alaska.

For more information on the tour with a video introduction by
Reber, visit
Saosin on MySpace
Saosin Official Website
Saosin at Warped '09
Saosin at Taste Of
2007 and in
Columbus, OH in
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