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Exclusive Interview
In This Moment lead vocalist Maria Brink on new album, stage persona
In This Moment is ready for the band's next big
moment: the release of

Blood is the Los Angeles, Calif. band's fourth full-
length Century Media release and fans can expect to
hear original members Maria Brink (vocals) and Chris
Howorth (guitar) at their ever-evolving finest.

The band recorded 2010's
A Star-Crossed
with producer Kevin Churko (Ozzy, Five
Finger Death Punch) and kept him on board for their
new melodic metal album.

In This Moment will join the rest of the band, Tom
Hane (drums), Travis Johnson (bass) and Randy
Weitzel (rhtymn guitars), as part of this year's
Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, kicking off
Friday, Aug. 17 through September.

Maria Brink spoke to
Out Of The Blue Publications for
an exclusive in-person interview. She dissects a new
song, talks about taking on a different persona on
stage, style changes and more.

How did you approach the new album?
You always wanna grow as a musician or writer. It is
the most intense, powerful, raw, dirty music we’ve
ever written. It sounds like we’ve grown up. I can’t
even explain it. It’s kind of like we graduated and this
is it. It’s really fresh. I’ve never heard anything like it.
We brought a new energy and element out of us for it.
I think people are going to really enjoy it. We’re gonna
kick their asses.

You kept Kevin as the producer?
Same producer, but this time it was just me and
Chris, my producer and his son. Just us four writing
the whole album and it was perfect that way.

What songs stand out to you on Blood?
I’m so in love with all of them right now. It just seems
to make sense. "Blood" is one of my favorites.
“Whore” is like the opposite of what you’d think it
would mean. It’s about people placing judgement all
they want on me or anyone they want, but I know
exactly who I am and what I am. Treat people with
respect and love, follow your heart and don’t place
judgment on other people. You can say what you
want. "Burn" is one of my favorite songs. Just a lot of
great songs.

How long did the album take to record?
Six months total with writing and recording.

How has your style changed?
We’re definitely a metal band at heart, but we
definitely have a rock and roll side to us. We’re very
melodic, some of our stuff is just ballads. On the new
album there’s a song that’s all vocal and that’s it.
We’re an experimental band. I think we’re always
growing. We just love music and we don’t want to
stereotype ourselves.

You're pretty personal in your lyrics, is that
where the aggression comes from on stage?
I’m like the Hulk! I try to meditate and be really
peaceful. I listen to a lot of ambient and meditating
music and do yoga, but I have this thing inside me
that I have to let out, my animalistic side and through
music I get to release it all. It’s therapeutic. There’s
definitely another persona when I go onto stage, my
alter ego. But it’s good, it’s meant to be. If not, I’d
probably be a psychopathic killer.
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Where do you see the band in terms of success?
No matter how successful you are, you always wanna take it to the next level of success. For me in my career, my dream would be headlining
arenas. In it we'd have full production, a full show.

What singer has influenced you the most?
My favorite singer is Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance. Chino from the Deftones is probably my favorite guy singer. When I was little my mom took
me to concerts since I was  five-years-old and I always wanted to do this since I was a little girl.

What was the first concert she took you to?
I think it was Eltion John, but I was going to like Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Sabbath, with my mom. And I think Duran Duran. I mean, I’ve seen it all.

You ever feel there's a lot of stereotypes that come with being a metal vocalist?
I think there’s more girls now in rock and roll and we got something to say. It's about the energy in the music, it’s not about whether or not the girl has
tits or the guys has a penis. It’s music, it’s a voice, it’s a soul that has something to say. The stereotype thing, I don’t worry about that. If you worry
about that, you’re worrying about the wrong things. You have to feel powerful on your own and I think you should walk your path.

What has been the band's biggest struggle?
We’ve changed a few members. But it’s kind of exciting getting new members unfortunately. It’s sad when members leave, but then there’s these
brand new energies in there. It’s kind of like dating (laughs) and there’s this new fire. I don’t mind it personally if we have to shift every once in a while.
I’m gonna do what I do no matter what band members are in this band. But, I love embracing new energies.

If you weren't involved with music, what would you see yourself doing?
I actually have my own t-shirt line. A lot of my own clothes and the stuff I wear on stage I decorate myself. Same with the guys. We all kind of make it
our own. I love fashion, but I’m sure I’d be more on the entertainment side. Like acting or in the circus.
In This Moment release Blood on Aug. 14 along with a CD Release Party at McGuffy's in Dayton.
In This Moment lead vocalist Maria Brink. Photo By Jared Perkins, Out Of The Blue Publications
In This Moment lead guitarist Chris Howorth. Photo By Jared Perkins, Out Of The Blue Publications