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Exclusive Interview
Henry Rollins brings "Capitalism" to Columbus, comments on presidential debate
Written, Interview By NEIL SHUMATE   Published October 6, 2012
Henry Rollins has successfully managed different roles within entertainment
mediums throughout his career—musician, radio host, actor, author, publisher,
speaker, activist.

Tonight in Columbus at The LC, Rollins will showcase his speaking role with
"Capitalism," a 50-state spoken word tour.

At each state capital stop, Rollins, 51, will share his experiences from recent visits
to North Korea, Sudan, Vietnam, Cuba and other countries. Aligned with election
season, he will also provide commentary and observation on the American
democratic process.

Rollins spoke to
Out Of The Blue and gave his personal opinion about this week’s
first presidential debate between candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and
he discussed voting:

Presidential Debate
"I don’t think anything I think about them has any importance whatsoever, so let’s
just start with that. Everyone has an opinion and I don’t think mine would be any
more important, but since you’re asking... I think in great opposition to what a lot of
people said—that the president was uninvolved, didn’t seem to wanna be there
and all that—I thought Mr. Obama was very calmly laying out his case and putting
out his talking points in a very presidential manner. His fans said, “why didn’t he go
on the attack?” Because he’s the president, this isn’t some kind of “gotcha” type
thing. I think he is a guy who does everything for affect and for a result. He’s a
calculating guy. My whole take away before I watched any spin or pundentry, was
that he just gave Mr. Romney a lot of rope and Romney hanged himself with it.
Whatever that seven point whatever billion that the Romney campaign says he
took from Medicare to make “Obamacare,” that’s from Medicare Part D, and the
first of many lies in the Romney campaign and I think he tripled down on it during
the debate, and I think Mr. Obama kinda just let him do that knowing the fact
checkers were watching everything. And so the next day, the fact checkers went
nuts. They were all going “wow, Romney is just all over the place.” Obama was on
the road yesterday and being insanely funny, I heard some speech and I like it
when the president laughs while he’s saying something. I think it’s funny. So I think
all of those first presidential debates, the first of the three, in a way are non-events
that you kind of measure each other, like the first several seconds of a boxing
match. But in my opinion, it’s hard to debate someone who’s so full of it… and so I
don’t know what Obama’s supposed to do with a guy who lies, has fake numbers
and really isn’t about anything. I would never wish any harm on Mr. Romney or his
wonderful family, but I think he has absolutely nothing to give to America, not at all."

"I want everyone who is over the age of 10 to have an opinion, it’s your country.
And those who can vote, I hope they do. Who they vote for is none of my business,
I don’t wanna know who you vote for. Your opinion is yours, it’s very important that
you have one. It’s not for me to influence yours, but as far as voting, I hope
everyone who can votes and ultimately I hope the best man wins, for all of our
sake. If Romney becomes president, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I hope he and
Paul Ryan would move us forward, because, I don’t know you, but I want you to
have a really good life in America, I want us all to do well in our own way. By in
large, we the people get on with things, no matter who’s the president. This is an
important election in that there’s a lot of things that America really needs to wake
up and get done. We have to deal with health care one way or another, we have to
deal with it."

(Read the full interview with Henry Rollins early next week.)
Henry Rollins as Uncle Sam "Under The Bridge." Photo By Heidi May.
Henry Rollins brings "Capitalism" to Columbus
tonight at The LC. Doors open at 7 p.m., tickets
are $35 reserved and $25 general.