Extraplanetary cultural icons celebrate 25 years on Earth
GWAR front man Oderus Urungus / Dave Brockie continue uncensored annihilation
WRITTEN & PHOTOS N. SHUMATE, OUT OF THE BLUE     Posted: Sept. 15, 2009
"I'm driving a truck right now and I'm about to score some crack
and fuck underage bitches," said Oderus Urungus, the 43-billion-
year-old lead vocalist of GWAR with an unapologetic roar.  
“Sometimes I like to dress up as a human and see what happens.
Call me back in five minuets so I can drive this fucking thing into
a police station and run over the police chief's head!"

After calling Urungus back, he said he decided to run over the
chief’s testicles instead, with his monster truck.  “I’ve always
enjoyed watching cops shit themselves.  Something I need to tell
fans is that you don’t really need to shoot them or decapitate
them, just throw some dodo on them and they’ll freak out. Often
they’ll poop themselves after that.  Can’t really have authority
over someone after you throw poop on them,” Urungus said.

This year, celebrating their 25 years as a band sent to Earth after
being banished from their home planet Scumdogia, GWAR
continues to shock, rock and captivate fans with an untouchable
distinguished live show.  

Past sets have featured the traditional mighty presence of
Urungus’ long sword named "Lick," showering fans with a red
liquid to represent blood having uncontrollable spewing from a
stick with an attached shrunken head, a yellow liquid to represent
waste from Urungus’ alleged penis "the Cuttlefish of Cthulhu,"
and the blood gashing executions of various political figures and
celebrities. Also, cannons operated by GWAR’s slaves
occasionally erupt with a constant flow of blue and green liquids.  

Although admittedly having a deep belief of despising the human
race in general, Urungus said some good things are happening.

“There’s some role models. Santa Clause, Barack and he’s black,
he’s not white to me.  It’s a good indication of the way America
is going; finally they’ll get some work done. But Americans are so
fucking stupid, you creodonts, the entire world has been having
black presidents for years,” Urungus said.

The man representing the alter-ego of Urungus is Dave Brockie.  
Throughout the interview the split personalities collided and
frequently transitioned back and forth. When discussing GWAR’s
albums Brockie took over.

The metal band released its first album,
Hell-o, in 1988 to initiate
their humorous, yet sometimes serious, narrative. GWAR has
since released a total of 17 albums, including the most recent
Aug. 18th release of
Lust In Space (Metal Blade Records),
which debuted on the Billboard Top 200 chart at No. 96.

“What we did was really concentrate on this album, and I think
this record is everything above
Beyond Hell and it’s sonically a
masterpiece. The story is more developed with more supporting
characters. We finally embrace GWAR’s return to outer space.  
It’s amusing for us to track the story as we go along and create
history,” Brockie said.

This summer GWAR shared the stage with the faygo-spraying
clowns of Insane Clown Posse at their 10th annual  
“Gathering of the Juggalos.”

“We’ve been comrades and clowns for years,” said Brockie.
“We’re both despised by the music industry but supported by
incredible fan bases. I think it’d be great to go on tour with those
guys, and I think both bands have the power to combine.  We
were stoked to play there, nothing but respect for those dudes.”  
Urungus added, “I’ve been to hell and back and the other end of
earth, and I’ll tell you one thing: it’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen
here. Weird in a good way.”

After surviving the music industry for 25 years, Brockie can
insightfully compare American crowds to those overseas.  

“Every American city is different, but San Francisco and
New Orleans stand out as over the top and most insane places.  
The difference between America and Europe is that they’re more
serious about their metal. They think we’re making fun of metal,
but we’re not trying to piss metal heads off. GWAR is a great force
in evolution, even if not directly, it fucks shit up everywhere,”
Brockie said.  

GWAR’s sick sense of humor with theatrics and terrifying out-of-
this-world costumes made them unique stepping stones for other
bands such as Lordi, Slipknot and Rob Zombie’s persona.

“We do art for art’s sake, not to make money.  The Skinny Puppy
shows I saw in the past had a huge impact on the way GWAR is as
an artistic collective.  I always wanted to see a band go over the top
and challenge GWAR.  Today’s masked bands find ways to do cool
stuff, but with more user-friendly goals and that’s never been a goal
for us,” Brockie said.

GWAR is reaching out to the “human filth” through a number of
recent publicity events: A former art exhibit displaying costumes and
on-stage gear, recent appearances on "Opie and Anthony," Fox
News’ "Red Eye" (for the 6th time) and Dee Snider’s hosted
"Fangoria Radio," as well as in-store signings before
Lust In Space
was released.

“As we get older, we’ve turned up the heat. We’ve never had
major success and that’s on the list now.  We’re GWAR, lords of
the underworld, and we’re ready to step it up,” Brockie said.  
“If I was a fan of GWAR, I’d be really excited now; people have
stuck it out for years and I'm not stopping this buttfucker. Three
generations of fans come to shows.  And now with the 25th
anniversary, we’re posed to make a step forward and make
something we can all take credit for.”

GWAR will bring their fall tour’s extraterrestrial prosthetic
visages, serious heavy metal music, longevity and drenching
theatrical prowess on Sat., Sept. 19 to Newport Music Hall in
Columbus, OH with Job For a Cowboy and Red Chord.  

“That’s the city where that asshole shot a guitarist.  Is there
something in the water there? Water is bad for you, it obviously
makes idiots,” Urungus said.

The scumdogs with their slaves will also make a stop on Sun.,
Oct. 18 at the House of Blues in Cleveland, OH.
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"A bloody pit of horror, victim after
victim is brought out and sacrificed,
characters of mindless horror and death
that leave people devastated. Smoke
machines, strobe lights, victims arm's
pulled off, guts ripped out, ripped into
pieces, then use their body parts to put on
a wheel as a shrine of flesh, build an alter
of flesh and syphilis, that's how I saw it,
more chaotic like that with no limits."
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Gwar in 2007
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Brockie on Influences
"The Internet has opened a way for any
band to bypass traditional ways of
music. We didn't have any of this. Then
this crazy thing came along called the fax
machine.  Everything was rotary then,
and now people live on their cell phones.
When we started we built a hardcore
scene to maximize rock-and-roll with
scene reports and bands on the
circut--we did all that without the net
and cell phones. I'm just waiting for
everything to be as one on a single
file--songs, movies, video games.  
Smart people and fighters will rise to the
top and the posers will still just be
worried about getting laid."
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