Published: February 1, 2012
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Greek punk-rock band take on the United States with "new punk revolution"
An exclusive interview with the sassy, sexy and sharp Barb Wire Dolls
Barb Wire Dolls is a female-fronted rock band from Greece. You
may or may not have heard of them as of yet, but they are causing
quite a stir in the music scene in a very short amount of time.

During the fall season of 2010, Rodney Bingenheimer of KROQ
radio station in Los Angeles, Calif. was the first person to play Barb
Wire Dolls in america on his show "Rodney on the Roq." Barb Wire
Dolls then played their first U.S. show in December, 2010 to a sold
out crowd at The Roxy, making them the first rock band from
Greece to play in the United States. Barb Wire Dolls consist of four
members: Isis Queen (vocals), Pyn Doll (guitarist), Voodoo Doll
(bassist) and Krash Doll (drummer) all who lived in an artist
commune in Greece before selling all their stuff and moving to L.A.
Barb Wire Dolls performed more than 60 shows throughout the first
six months following their 2010 U.S. debut,
Punk The Fussies!, and
performed in more than 30 different venues and towns.

Barb Wire Dolls are bringing the new punk revolution to the forefront
so be sure to catch them while you can. I promise you won't be
For The Fans, By The Fans.  Look Beyond The Mainstream.
OOTB: What is the best thing about touring here in the U.S.?
Isis: You get to see everything that TV shows you. All the cool trailer parks and super-sizing meals.
Pynn: We saw a general store like in the western movies and we wanted to take a picture of it, but we didn't.
Voodoo: The roadside houses that you'd find in the countryside is what he's talking about.
Isis: And its got a great rock 'n roll scene!

OOTB: What cities have you played so far? Any cities or venues that you have played that you'd like to go back to?
Isis: All the cities that we've gone to we've got really good feedback from and a really good vibe from them all. We're pretty new to the states since our
U.S. tour has just begun and Ohio is the first state we've really come to so far.

OOTB: How are the audiences here in the states compared to your audiences back home in Greece?
Isis: The U.S. has more of a solid foundation of history with rock 'n roll. So when it comes to punk rock, there are a lot more venues that you can play
at. The vibe is good, but the vibe in Greece is different, so you really can't compare the two. Both great cities for rock 'n roll!

OOTB: What is this NEW PUNK REVOLUTION that Barb Wire Dolls have seemed to have kick started?
Isis: It's about revitalizing the ethics of punk which is punk attitude and not necessarily the music, but what you bring forth in the music. That's igniting
a passion against and for yourself against those that put you down. But it's always about yourself. It's not just about the way you dress and what you
bring forth on stage, but what you bring too as a person. And I think thats kind of lost in this day and age of punk rock. People are seeing it as a
fashion statement more than an attitude, which is what punk rock is all about.

OOTB: Why do you think Barb Wire Dolls has caught on here in the U.S. in such a short amount of time?
Isis: I don't know, but I'd like to find out. People are bored and I guess we are bringing something that they are wanting. And so that's all good. It's good
for them and it's good for us. But the fact that it has caught on so quickly--I think it's just time in the world where a different type of music has to come
up apart from what we call rock 'n roll today, which isn't rock, it's just instruments and has nothing to do with passion or blaring distortion. And I think
that's something people have missed because it hasn't been like that for a long time. And the pussy shit we hear on the radio nowadays is NOT rock
'n roll and people miss that. People need their rock 'n roll 'cause it brings them alive! People are bored of the shit that keeps being pushed into their
face and their ears on a continuous basis; instead of actually what they wish to listen to. Some people don't know yet, thats why they follow the
mainstream and they follow whatever is new and cool. Its about whats in your inner soul and that's not what is representing right now.

OOTB: What can people expect when seeing Barb Wire Dolls live?
Isis: Just fun, energetic, in your face. Something that everyone can connect to. It's what we're all about inside--that attitude of 'fuck you.' And you got
to come to a show to really experience it.

OOTB: How are your lives different now than when you were living in Greece?
Isis: Our home is Barb Wire Dolls, so it follows us wherever we go. Though we are from Greece and we love Greece and we miss it and we hold a
very passionate piece in our heart for Greece. Our home is Barb Wire Dolls, but you can definitely see the difference in mentality and culture here.
And it's interesting to see that concept.

OOTB: Do you have plans to return back home to Greece?
Isis: Of course, at some point we will return, but right now we don't have a solid plan yet. When we do know, it will be everywhere and everybody will
know about it. But we're really just trying to hit new and different places, especially places that naturally won't get bigger bands in their towns. We
really want to hit the roots of America and see what they have to say about us, 'cause if they can accept us then I can't believe why the rest of the
U.S. couldn't accept us. And it's been really good so far! No plans to go to Greece, but when the time is right we will go back.

OOTB: How much music does Barb Wire Dolls have recorded and released right now?
Isis: We have a CD out called Fuck the Pussies and that includes two EP's, one recorded in Greece and one recorded in L.A. And we have a live
album out called
Live at the Viper Room. Both of these you can find on itunes. And we are now going into the studio in Columbus, Ohio at The Music
Hall where we're going to be recording a 7". Our first 7"! We're going to put down some new songs which we're really excited about 'cause the songs
you've been hearing on both CD's we've been playing for awhile. So we're excited to get some new music out! And then we're going to Sonic Ranch
in El Paso, Texas I think in the summertime of this year to record our full-length album.

OOTB: What does the rest of 2012 have in store for the band?
Isis: The 7", full length album, touring the U.S., possibly a European tour in Spain in the summertime. If that doesn't happen, it will happen next year.
Rocking 'n rolling, converting people and getting the message out there thats it's alive, it's happening now! Get your boots on, start marching 'cause
the revolution is on!

OOTB: Any last words for your fans?
Isis: Rock, ride and rip it up! Live the dream. Fuck everybody else! Hold your middle finger high as much as possible!

The Barb Wire Dolls perform tomorrow night at Bernie's Distillery in Columbus with Black Eyed Betty.

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Barb Wire Dolls formed in 2008 on the island of Crete.  Photo Submitted