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The Summerland Tour visited Columbus last night delivering pop-rock radio
anthems from 12-15 years ago to an almost sold-out crowd at The LC. It was
like a massive high school reunion for those who graduated during the mid to late
90s and for many it was their first time seeing these bands as legal adults, old
enough to drink and become inebriated without dodging parents.

Marcy Playground opened the nostalgic night with a half hour set of skilled
alternative rock. Albeit more mellow, the band sounded just as fresh as their
heyday set on John Popper’s H.O.R.D.E. tour in 1998. Marcy Playground
performed material from their new compilation album
Lunch, Recess &
and closed with chart topper “Sex and Candy.”

Lit livened the crowd up with lead vocalist A. Jay Popoff’s tireless voice and high-
powered antics, performing hits “Zip-Lock,” “My Own Worst Enemy” and newly
released solid rock single “You Tonight” from Lit’s latest
The View from the
. Everclear lead vocalist Art Alexakis joined the band on stage to sing
portions of “Miserable.”

Gin Blossoms opened with “Follow You Down” and continued down a path of hit
songs including “’Till I Hear It From You,” “Allison Road” and “Found Out About
You” among others from platinum albums
New Miserable Experience and
Congratulations I’m Sorry. The band closed with ever-popular “Hey Jealousy.”

Sugar Ray supplied 90’s TV show theme song backtracks from
Saved By The
, Seinfeld and Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Lead vocalist Mark McGrath’s
animated performance included bringing two fans on stage for an impromptu
“Sugar Ray Karaoke” session with clips from Beastie Boy’s “Fight For Your
Right” and Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.”

Sugar Ray’s set included a mention of the band’s 1995 debut album
and Brownies
and a tribute to The Ramones, but excluded heavier tracks from
Floored. The crowd favored upbeat hits “Answer The Phone,” “When It’s Over,”
“Fly,” “Someday,” "Falls Apart," “Every Morning.”

Everclear exploded onto stage with the title track from 1997 hit album
So Much
For The Afterglow
and continued to crank out No. 1 hits from the 90s—“Father Of
Mine,” “Everything To Everyone,” “I Will Buy You A New Life,” "Heroine Girl," and
“AM Radio.”

Art’s voice sounded strained and sometimes choppy, but he managed to plow
through summertime-fun songs including the band’s latest single “Be Careful
What You Ask For” from
Invisible Stars. Fans chanted "nah nah nah nah nanah"
in choral unison during toned down track "Wonderful."

Near the set’s end, each band member played a rough 30-second solo
representing a classic rock song and touring mates from Lit and Gin Blossoms
joined Everclear to close the night with “Santa Monica.”

Tour founders Art Alexakis and Mark McGrath encouraged fans to spread the
word about Summerland with plans to bring it back next year. With more
popularity and success, the future of Summerland could easily turn into an all
day tour package.
No high school class president could organize a reunion like this.

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Summerland Tour 2012 delights fans of '90s generation
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