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Static-X performed with pulverizing energy last night at McGuffy’s House Of Rock in Dayton.
The band is touring without bassist Tony Campos, but the new lineup, including Dayton
native Sean Davidson (8Kount/Genitorturers) on drums, seemed to have the Static-X
catalog mastered.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Wayne Static’s braided beard shows signs of aging with grey, but his
vocal strength mirrors the solidarity of his trademark spiked hair.
Wayne occasionally
engaged fans with asides while throwing back liquor shots.

Before the Noise Revolution Tour launched, Wayne promised older tracks and indeed they
were delivered. Fans sang along and moshed to classic convulsive ‘evil disco’ songs  “Love
Dump,” “Push It,” “I’m With Stupid,” “This Is Not” and others.

After 18 years as band and a 2-year hiatus, Static-X still know how to bring the noise and
crank up the volume--all the way through encore song “Get To The Gone.”

Earlier the Marilyn Manson imaged band named after and fronted by painter/clothing
designer Davey Suicide took the stage with heavy industrial tunes, including single
“Generation Fuck Star.” Davey told fans that “art” needs to be put back into “music artists.”
The band's revived goth/glam presentation rocked like the movie
Party Monster.

9Electric intoxicated fans with its infectious electronic riffs and heralding Billy Idol stylized
vocalist Thunderwood (formerly of Opiate For The Masses). The L.A. band includes former
Dry Kill Logic bassist Casey/DC. As a whole, the impression of Julien-K and Crossbreed
came to mind. The band recently toured with Spineshank and released Wayne Static
featured single “Destroy As You Go” from 9Electric’s
Can You Feel This EP.

The Noise Revolution Tour continues with select dates that include Prong and Winds Of
Plague through mid-September.
See all dates here.
Concert Review
Static-X bring Noise Revolution to Dayton
Written & Photos By  NEIL SHUMATE
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