After over an hour of waiting--due to an unexpected delay in equipment transportation from
LA--Porcupine Tree (PT) waved to the sold-out crowd at Cleveland, Ohio's House Of Blues and took
their place on stage Monday night.

Fans roared as the British progressive-rock band opened their set with "Occam's Razor"  from their
recently released 10th studio album
The Incident.

The multi-talented songwriter, leader of a couple side projects and PT front man Steven Wilson
(vocals/guitars/piano/hammered dulcimer/sampler) apologized to the patient fans as he announced their
set's plans:  perform
The Incident's nearly hour-long first disc in its entirety, take a 10-minuet break,
then come back to play a full hour of older tunes.

Porcupine Tree dominated with lengthy musically aligned cryptic antique textured images occasionally
projected on a screen directly behind Richard Barbieri (keyboards/piano/mellotron/synth/sound
processing) and renowned drummer Gavin Harrison.

The experimentally distorted mind-numbing sounds of touring guitarist/backing vocalist John Wesley and
PT's talented riffer Colin Edwin (saz/bass/guimbri) completed the live band lineup.

During "Great Expectations" Wilson played a guitar with an embedded sonic screen image projector
that created changing shape and color variations internally, within the guitar.

PT  performed the emotional acoustically centered track "Time Flies" and completed the show's first
half with the sentimental "I Drive The Hearse."

Following the planned ten-minute break, the 18-year-lasting band returned to continue their flawless set  
with "The Start Of Something Beautiful (
Deadwing, 2005)" followed by other songs including: "Buying
New Soul (
Recordings, 2001)," "Lazarus (Deadwing, 2005)," "Strip The Soul (In Absentia, 2002) and
closed the second half with one of their darkest songs "Bonnie the Cat (
The Incident, 2009)."

Returning after a short walk off stage with the clock pressing toward midnight, the band returned to
play an encore of "Mother and Child Divided (
Deadwing b-side)" and a fast-paced tuned-down version
of "Trains (
In Absentia, 2002)" which included a powerful collective crowd clapping fill in.

Before leaving stage Wilson said a second US leg is likely after completing their over seas winter tour.

Opening the show with a 45-minute set was the rock trio of King's X who have been around since 1987
and have released 12 albums.   

The Missouri-based band opened with "Alright" and also played "Pray" and "We Were Born To Be Loved."

During "Over My Head" with a crowd sing along breakdown, lead vocalist and bassist Doug Pinnick
made a brief noteworthy aside. He encouraged people to not waste their lives on what they don't want
to be doing, and say "fuck you" to anyone or anything that gets in the way of what you really want to do
in your life, with or without success.

Brief personal side note:
I'd like to thank my best friend for introducing me to Porcupine Tree.  
Without a doubt, this show ranks among my personal top 5
best live performances, which includes Nine Inch Nails and 311.
Porcupine Tree shows sold-out crowd how it's done
show date: Mon. Sept. 21, 2009      N. SHUMATE, OUT OF THE BLUE       posted: Tues. Sept. 22, 2009
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Portion of quote from
Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree

"We tend to stay quite
anonymous and let the music do
the speaking. And because of
those things, we tend to alienate
ourselves from what you may call
mainstream culture."

Source: The News-Hearld
Above Published: Monday, Sept. 21, 2009
Above Article: "Porcupine Tree's devoted
following packs its shows," By John Benson
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Porcupine Tree's The Incident cover art.
Released Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009
Roadrunner, Victor
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