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Mayhem Fest brings welcomed, earsplitting metal to Cincinnati
Unrestrained head banging, volatile circle pits and profuse sweating
dominated Riverbend Music Center yesterday as the 5th Annual
Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival rolled into Cincinnati,
bringing with it a hefty amount of fist-pumping metal.

Following an entrance delay because of impending severe weather,
metal heads filed through the gates to experience a mini-Ozzfest.
Booths scattered the venue selling jewelry, t-shirts and Mayhem

Paris, France sextet Betraying The Martyrs took over the
Jagermeister Stage to spread the band’s “positive metal.” Lead
vocalist Aaron Matts mirrored the motions of Suicide Silence vocalist
Mitch Lucker while backing vocalist/keyboardist Victor Guillet stage
dived during “Life Is Precious."

Whitechapel pounded the amphitheater with vocalist Phil Bozeman’s
consistent vocal growls with determining stamina. The Knoxville,
Tenn. deathcore band often compared to Job For A Cowboy threw in
new songs from their recent self-titled Metal Blade Records' release.

Although Asking Alexandria provided fans with an energetic show
moving from stage left to stage right, vocalist Danny Worsnop
seemed limited with his strained screams and clean vocals.

It was like a hometown show for Dayton natives The Devil Wears
Prada as they fired up the crowd with songs from the continuously-
evolving band’s five albums. Songs including "Born To Lose" and
"Outnumbered" were performed. Crowd surfers emerged from the pit
at all sides. The band recently released a live DVD/CD combo,
& Alive

The Jagermeister and Sumerian Records stages were mostly owned
by hardcore riffs and breakdowns, but the hardcore metal style was
diluted to pure metal as fans moved to the main stage.

As I Lay Dying opened the main stage performing songs including
2003’s  “94 Hours” and 2007’s “Nothing Left.” Vocalist Tim Lambesis
encouraged the audience to pick up their new album,
Awakened, set
to release this September.

Motorhead formed in 1975 and 37 years later they remain keen and
intense. “This one’s a cheerful number,” said Lemmy,
vocalist/bassist. “It’s called, ‘I Know How To Die.’” Drummer Mikkey
Dee delivered a thunderous empowering drum solo. The band went
on to perform “Mean Machine," “Ace Of Spades” and many other
classics. They plan to release their 21st studio album next year.

Slayer slashed Mayhem Fest with a set full of pyro and killer solos
by guitarist Kerry King. Considered one of the “Big Four” bands and
known to many as the original footprint of death metal, Slayer easily
stole the show. Tom Araya, lead vocalist, took a moment to mention
freedom in America leading to the dedication of “Mandatory Suicide”
to Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe. The band's energy never
faded as Slayer performed more including “Raining Blood” and

Despite Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor saying he was battling a
cold, the costumed band closed the night with a powerful set.
“Duality” was dedicated by Taylor to late band member Paul Gray.

Other performing bands included: Anthrax, Upon A Burning Body, I,
The Breather, Dirtfedd, local Jager bands and area contest winners.

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Slayer, Motorhead, Anthrax, As I Lay Dying,
Betraying The Martyrs, I, The Breather, Upon A Burning Body,
The Devil Wears Prada, Slow Intentional Damage, Dirtfedd,
Asking Alexandria, Whitechapel
Asking Alexandria. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
Upon A Burning Body. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
I, The Breather. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
Dirtfedd. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
Grim State. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
Slow Intentional Damage. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
Betraying The Martyrs. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
Whitechapel. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
The Devil Wears Prada. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
Anthrax. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
As I Lay Dying. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
Motorhead. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB
Slayer. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB