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The style of rock music has come a long way since the beginning. XFactor1’s
cover of Billy Squier’s "The Stroke" proves that their progression of hard rock is
something to be heard. These Columbus natives have engineered a modern
throwback rock sound that fits in the leagues of Great White and Seether.  

Famous.Last.Words. (Megaforce Records) will not be the band's last testament
to the rock generation. Like Bobaflex, XFactor1 is always on foot in the
underground and another step in the mainstream. Many tracks such as, "Over
and Out" have steady balance of gut wrenching thunder that is catchy enough to
be a war chant.  Another rockin’ track would be “Parasite,” which treads on a
more hardcore sounding level without being obnoxious.

“American Blue Collared Band,” a namesake they claim to, is strengthened with
their lyrics ranging from having your ass kicked to being broke. The song, "You
Suck" contains chants of “We Are The 99” shooting a nod to the Occupy

Famous.Last.Words. is an interesting mix of metal and rock that many groups
are trying to capitalize on in the mainstream. Hopefully the band will outshine
some of the has-beens that are clogging up the airwaves. The band's current
single "Bring It On" puts the band another step closer in the upward direction.

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XFactor1: Famous.Last.Words.
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