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Little known 80s band The Fixx keeps the U2 vibe alive. With the group's 10th
Beautiful Friction brings a synthed out atmosphere into age. One could
make an argument that the group have transformed into New-New wave.

Beautiful Friction is a fun love song album that is not overly cheesy. "What God?"
is the only track that seems to drag in the muddy waters, too preachy Phil
Colilns-esq. Without that bump in the record, other tracks such as, "Shaman,"
are steady brain numbing beats. "Something Ahead of You" is ballad that is Bono

Overall, The Fixx are a fun band that keep the wheels turning on their never
ending 80s voyage. People who are dissatisfied with the 80s should give this
group a gander because no over-infused pop tones are to be found on this album.

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The Fixx: Beautiful Friction
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