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Another pop-punk band leaps into the new decade while syphoning off a familiar
sound that acts like what Green Day and Blink 182 rolled with. Ironically, those
same bands have matured their sounds and stepped away from the pop-punk
sound. I Call Fives have a huge void to fill with the fading genre. With Warped
Tour increasingly becoming more of a scearmo event, it will be difficult for Fives
to stand on their own anywhere.

Many of the songs follow the style of pop-punk with high tuned guitar riffs and
whiny vocals. On the track “Stuck In ‘03,” Fives pay homage to their genre by
shouting: “I was listening to Take This To Your Grave/So Long Astoria and
Nothing Gold Can Stay/You said I'm filling my head with nonsense and I'm
throwing my life away.” However, most of the lyrical content, like most pop-punk
songs, is about being love sick about a girl. The teen angst filled heartbreak is
another cliché that is best left alone.

I Call Fives is an echo of the early 2000s rather than a fresh noise in the present.
Die hard pop-punk listeners will be pleased with the pre-adolescence sound.
Other listeners will scoff and be thankful that they grew out of this sound. Even
the pop-punk gods knew when their time was up when Mark Hoppus of Blink 182
simply stated in their music, “I guess this is growing up.”

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