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HELLYEAH is one of those bands that namesake makes them self-explanatory.  
This worked for HELLYEAH on their debut album, because nobody has to
connect the dots on what kind of genre HELLYEAH is.

Once again, the supergroup’s formula of one part Mudvayne and double dose
Damageplan creates another explosive album. HELLYEAH’s formula works too
well at times.

The title track,
Band of Brothers, is too predictable. Chad Gray’s vocals are
rougher like the olden days of Mudvayne, but that is not the issue. Everything
becomes distorted in the music because the instruments are way too
overpowered. The listener becomes lost within the intense drumming of Vinnie
Paul. Paul's drumming skills are on par, but he drowns out everyone else. This
album is another casualty of faultily recording, also known as the “noise war.”  

"Between You And Nowhere" feels more like a forced ballad. Fans will just skip
over this track to get to near radio friendly tracks "Dig Myself A Hole" and "Bigger
God." Only these two tracks shine on Gray’s current Mudvayne vocal style. This
is where the band is strongest, because Gray vocals are not being bested out by
Paul's drumming.

Band of Brothers is the equivalent to Pantera’s Reinventing the Steel. These
good old boys have crafted a fun piece of Groove Metal, but it ain't better than the
real thing. At the end of the day, HELLYEAH is just 25 percent of Pantera. True
believers will be able to see through this, but for the casual metal fan there is
enough to not disappoint.

Album Review
Hellyeah: Band Of Brothers
Out Of The Blue
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Hellyeah formed in 2006 and is
composed of Vinnie Paul Abbott
(Pantera, Damageplan), Chad Gray
and Greg Tribbett (Mudvayne), Tom
Maxwell (Nothingface) and Bob "Zilla"
Kakaha (Damageplan). The band
releases its third southern metal
Band of Brothers (Eleven
Seven) on July 17.
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