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3 Pill Morning’s name is quite misleading for being an all-around rock band.
Lyrically speaking, many of the songs contain descriptions of lost loves and
burning homes, but the clean vocals give reassurance that this is not a group of
pill-popping hillbillies or sappy emo boys.

Black Tie Love Affair (A2Z/Page 2 Music/eOne) is a well-rounded rock album
that is fit for mainstream airwaves. The track "Skin" emits the feeling of nu-metal
and progressive rock. On their heartbreak song, "Nothings Real," the lyrics find a
solid place where rock acts such as Papa Roach and Shinedown have been
trying to emulate. "I Want That For You" reinforces that these boys are not trying
to chokehold to a specific genre. With poppy riffs and a catchy chorus, this
group's future is unpredictable.

3 Pill is able to transcend into many different categories by keeping a low
production of synths and scearmo vocals. Whatever way you look at it, 3 Pill
fleshes out as a rock band more than anything else. The band may have a hard
time concealing this image when their record hits July 17, so it will be interesting
to see how they will continue to identify themselves in the future.

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3 Pill Morning: Black Tie Love Affair
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