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Jimi Price discusses music group #FeverGang, his roots, state of hip-hop
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Since being introduced to hip-hop after graduating
high school, Jimi Price has connected with the flow,
rhymes and verses of the genre’s defining core. The
Delaware native and current Dayton resident had a
desire to be an inclusive member of music
management--starting out by designing fliers,
promoting shows, booking gigs and even spinning
tracks himself under the moniker DJ Status.
Through gaining experience and building
connections, the 25-year-old is now the Artist
Manager of up and coming Ohio hip-hop artists,
representing together as independent music group
#FeverGang. Price recently talked to
Out Of The
about his roots, the formation and future of his
music group and the current state of hip-hop.

When did you first become interested in music
and want to pursue this as a career?
Growing up through high school I was into the
alternative music. My favorite bands were Blink 182,
Saosin, Adema. After high school. I met my best
friend who introduced me to real hip-hop. I had
always been very creative through multimedia,
shooting videos and such. In 2007 I started Deth By
Inc. Entertainment, making YouTube videos, where I
met my brother’s best friend Luke Porter. I helped
his band record their first track, they went by the
name of New Market Drive [NMD]. In 2008 I booked
them their first show at Scarlet & Grey [in Columbus]
and from then on it was like, I felt a passion for
wanting to be a music manager.

So you've been in music and entertainment as a
graphic designer and representative?
I started with wanting to represent NMD, but I was
stationed in Ft. Hood, in the military, so it was hard to
stay on my game. I met a few rappers when I was in
Ft. Hood, did some graphic design for them, then
after that I started mastering my craft. If only people
saw my first designs… they would laugh. I
remember my first project I did. It was for an R&B
artist in Philly, I did a show flier for him, one of the
band members got me in contact with him. When I
look back now, I’m like, man I could have done so
much better. He goes by the name of Kwei.
#FeverGang Artist Manager Jimi Price with Marion, Ohio hip-hop artist Blaze Tha Menace.
The independent hip-hop music group #FeverGang headed by Jimi Price. The management team's
roster continues to grow. Pictured are Diz, RuckuS & Blaze (Partnaz In Crime), DJ Legend and C-Note.
How do you connect with hip-hop? What is it about the genre that connects with you?
With many genres, music is about the good times, loosing someone, but never really speaking true words that come from the heart. I feel like hip-
hop speaks who I am and how I feel. One of the first artists I felt like knew my situation was MGK [Machine Gun Kelly]. He made music for the
underdogs. I was always the loud obnoxious one in school. I was bullied. I had a great group of friends in high school, but never felt like I fit in a
certain group, but when I listen to hip-hop, I feel like the lyrics explain my life. In other genres it’s a few verses and a chorus, with hip hop, there is a
hook, and in the time frame of a full song, they could've explained their whole life. I guess what I’m trying to say is hip-hop gets me.

What's the story behind the name "Fever Gang." I'm familiar with something called "Taylor Gang."
I wouldn’t say they have any resemblance. The story behind the name is, one of the artists I manage, my first hip-hop artist actually, Cedric
Camargo "RuckuS" would always push me to try and get them signed to any label. After contemplating giving up we said screw it, let’s start our
own music group. So for two days we came up with names of what this "group" could be called. I think some of the names we came up with were,
Fourth Coast Ent., my alter mater Deth By Inc Ent.  and a few others. Finally he said "Dude, Fever Gang!" I thought it sounded cliche at first, then he
said "We're Sick, Hot Individuals." So I took that idea, and put it in hyper drive and went from there.

How would you define your role as an Artist Manager? What all do you do?
Well it all started with Partnaz In Crime [P.I.C.], randomly sending out e-mail after e-mail asking to get on shows. Finally Alan Porter of AP
Productions contacted me and offered us a show opening for King Gordy. After the show we realized the outcome of all things possible. The weeks
following I started managing their Reverbnation profiles, created any profile possible on any music site possible. I started making Facebook pictures
for them in Photoshop, after booking more shows I started doing our show fliers. Finally started a website for them At the
shows I get business cards of other artists, try to get as many contacts as I can, I started trying to get mainstream producers, DJ's and artists to
add me on Facebook. It was just a matter of sitting on my butt for hours upon hours networking, putting us on as many sites as possible and
spamming Facebook walls and Twitter feeds. Finally we started doing bigger shows and now I manager their website, do their graphic designs. I’ve
done a few CD covers. I try to be as versatile as I can while still maintaining my loyalty to my team.

What goals do you have for each artist? Are they individual goals or advancing as a group, as in Rick Ross and his label group.
I have individual goals for each artist.  For instance, Renzoh, he resides in Dayton and has recorded songs as a hobby, but never really done any
shows. My goals for him are to get him onto as many shows as possible to get him exposure, and to be the backbone behind his first mixtape. Diz
has already had a mixtape out, so my goal for him is to help him improve on his lyrical skills and flow. It definitely helps to have a team. As for the
group, we all strive off of each other’s skills and abilities. I think in the near future we will all become a major part in each other's success.

You also include yourself as DJ Status on the roster. Do you collab with the roster?
I DJ for a hobby and got the name from Djing at a Halloween party. It kind of stuck. I like to be behind the curtain, so I don't think you'll find me
collabing with any of the artists, it would be dreadful. That’s why we got our boy Jay Smith "DJ Legend" to join the team, he handles all that noise.

How do you feel about the hip-hop genre being one that is known for so many collabs and less and less solo work on tracks? Between
hip-hop and industrial music there are so many featured artists on each album.
Hip-hop nowadays is dreadful and on the downfall. Most collabs feature artists of the same team or hype men. I feel like hip-hop nowadays tries to
get feature artists on their tracks to boost popularity of the song. It's always good to have someone to help you, but when you're giving a hand out on
every song, it gets old. I even find myself listening to this garbage. I can’t help it. It sucks you in.

In your opinion, what needs to change in hip-hop and how would Fever Gang contribute to that impact and make a difference instead of
falling into the cliche trap of normalcy and what sells?
Hip-hop needs to go back to its roots, none of this, “Bro I got fifty stacks of bands to throw at strippers.” No you don’t. I don’t care if you are wearing
a cardigan with black hearts. I want real lyrics, something I can relate to and that is what my artists do. People connect with them. RuckuS put out a
song called “Douche Braggery” and it's [about] everything any rap song nowadays is. We will never sell out, if we can't be who we started as and
who people loved us for in the beginning, what’s the point?

Where do you see Fever Gang in five years and what do you have planned?
I hope we become an established Indy Label with financial stability. Adding the artists no one else wants, that are worth working with. There are so
many good lyricists and producers that don’t make it because they’re not up to par. It's like football, why work with your starting running back only
when you have three back-ups who have the potential to be just as good. As long as you stay loyal, rep our team, stay dedicated and want to
improve your art, we won’t hesitate to let you become a part of Fever Gang.

You have some big shows coming up. How did that all come together and is there any scoop you can give on the new year with touring
or releases from the gang?
It all started with performing in front of 15 people at Alrosa Villa [in Columbus], I would say most of our success came from Alan Porter. He put us on
shows and believed in us, gave us opportunities to show our talent. When other people lost faith, he didn't. Then we hooked up for a Funk Volume
show, their street team took notice, and soon to follow we got offered multiple shows with them. Our ticket sales grew as well as our fan base.
We've even co-headlined with Hopsin. At the Hopsin show, we met up with Fredo from Silent Noise Ent. he called us "real hip-hop.” He started
offering us shows. Next weekend we're on a two-show tour with Maybach Music Latino. With the new year comes new opportunities. We plan on
putting out the first ever #FeverGang mixtape, as well as working on getting a music video shot. As for shows, we plan on doing double what we did
this year. Our resume has grown from the artists we have performed with. You can stay up to date on all the Fever at For any
inquiries or bookings contact Jimi Price at Also a big shout out to our fans, our team, and to those who doubted us.

Partnaz In Crime will perform this Friday, Nov. 30 at Club Polish in Marion and Saturday, Dec. 1 at Phantasy Club in Cleveland.

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