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Q.)The first question is two parts, answer it however you want. How would you describe your style of music and what bands have
musically influenced you?
A.) I’d describe the style of my music as Industrial, Ghettotech. As far as musical influences Korn, Manson, Techno, and Fear
Factory to name a few.

Q.) Where do you draw your inspiration from?
A.) I've met a lot of fucked up girls in my life that used my heart as an emotional tampon. With a cliché disturbed childhood of a
pervert for a neighbor, that skewed my thoughts on babysitters. Music has been a gateway to not only unleash my inner demons, But
to help others cope and work through their own shit.  "It's tuff being a kid, thinking you’re all alone in the world."

Q.) Why do what you do?
A.) I once had a kid come up to me after a show with a broken nose, blood pouring down his face, shirt ripped covered in sweat. He
comes up to me and says: "this is the greatest show I've ever been to."  I wiped some blood of his face and smeared it on my own
and said: "You made it the greatest show I've ever had."
I want to show the fans something they have never seen. And that's how to shed their fear of feeling like they can’t make a
difference.  "We all have a dream, it's the ones who get off their ass that live ‘em.

Q.) Other then having GROUND LiFT nominated two years in a row as Cleveland’s best industrial act by the Free Times. What
have been your biggest accomplishments?
A.) Probably opening up for bands such as Dope, Mindless Self Indulgence, and Pigface.

Q.) So tell us about this upcoming collaboration.
A.)Well it started when I went out to Sandusky, Ohio to hang with my buddy and he started playing me some of Manufraqture shit
and I was like "whoa who the hell is this?" His response was: "you asshole this is the same guy who did your remix." I laughed and
said jokingly I would love to jam with this cat. And he said I'll pay to make it happen. Now Ben and I are getting together to work on
a collab album. A combination of "his style" and mine to make a new breed of chaos.  The album has a tentative time frame of being
released some time this winter. We are really pushing this as hard and fast as we can to get back to the fans and do what we love to
do...which is playin’ their face off. Jokingly he mentions: “I’ll probably be a wedding singer in 10 years anyways."
A Q&A with Brandon from Cleveland, Ohio's GROUND LiFT
Exclusive insight on recent collaboration with Chicago's Manufraqture
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