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The classic silent vampire film Nosferatu will be given new blood
tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the OSU Urban Arts Space at  50 W. Town St.

Columbus musicians Jay Harmon, Mark Dutton and Nathan Andrew
have collaborated as the Francis Bacon Band to score an original
soundtrack that will be performed live during the free film screening.

“We watched the movie on mute and came up with abstract ideas of
different emotions we wanted to convey with different styles of
music,” said Harmon, 22.  “We wanted to approach each scene with
an abstract concept and improvise those into something solid.”

Nicole Eggert, an Ohio State University senior in film studies,
approached Harmon with the project.

“Just by coincidence I met him last December at the arts space
where I work, so I knew he was involved with music,” said Eggert.  
“After deputy director Kelly Stevelt asked student workers for ideas,
I thought showing Nosferatu with a live band soundtrack would be
fitting for Halloween.”

The 1922 movie, directed by German expressionist F. W. Murnau, is
an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, reminiscent of
the movie Shadow of the Vampire. Taking on this project, Harmon
said it was his first time seeing the black-and-white film.

“I never saw it until a week before we started practicing,” Harmon
said.  “And I haven’t heard the original soundtrack yet because I
want to keep my own perceptions of it. I’m interested to hear how it
sounds after we perform our version.”
The band members, who have been involved with bands and music
since high school, are continually changing parts of the 80-minute
composition as they introduce new ideas.

“We go through the movie about two times per practice with plenty
of stopping,” he said. “We’re still always adding new stuff and we
actually just changed the ending.”

The screening will also mark the release of Jay Harmon and the
Francis Bacon Band’s first album,
Unsafe in Any Skin, which will
be sold on vinyl only.

“It’ll be kind of different,” Harmon said.  “I put the album artwork in
the hands of an amazing artist who’s been hard at work hand-
painting all of them differently.”

Eggert said the 10,000 square-feet multi-purpose art space will have
chairs set up with a portable screen and projector for their
recreational screening open to the public.  

“The event will run until 8 p.m. and it’ll be more of an informal
environment with open space, where people can come and go as
they please,” she said.

The free film screening is part of the OSU Urban Arts Space after-
work programming, with events held Thursday evenings in
conjunction with sponsor Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails.  

For more information, visit the Ohio Sate University Urban Arts
Space at
http://uas.osu.edu/ .
Local musicians
write original live
soundtrack to
Murmau's vampire
classic, Nosferatu
posted: Oct. 29, 2009