Brutal metal CD release show
for Horseshoes & Handgrenades
show date: July 31, 2009      SAINT, OUT OF THE BLUE       posted: Aug. 11, 2009
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As close to a cacophony of mayhem and brutality as you could get, and as we all know… close only counts when it comes to Horseshoes &
Handgrenades (H&H), and thus it was at the Mad Hatter in Covington , KY on Friday July 31st for the H&H CD Release Party. Not to sound
too cliché, but the Cincinnati metal band was explosive.

Many metal-heads came out for the evening to show both loyalty and support for the band’s major press disc release, yet 2nd only to the fans
was the homage paid by good friends and Cincy Scene favorites Milkweed.

A band that is by no means any less heavy, they showed love for H&H by playing an electrifying opening spot, and returning at the finale to
rock with H&H on a thunderous rendition of the Mudvayne classic “Dig.”

This show was the proof this observer needed to have a lost faith restored in the power the metal genre once held in our fair city.

H&H Members; Hurt – Vocals, Alex – Lead Guitar, Carl – Guitar/Vocals, GoGo –Bass/Vocals, Leatherface – Drums, & MzNLiNK now
offering up dope synths and samples, are truly an amazing and eclectic grouping of musicians.

From the awe-inspiring rhythms, brutal and harmonic vocals, to the blistering leads and interesting sampling, what H&H is, is nothing less than
solid. Yet what you can hear on the CD, albeit fundamentally strong, is nothing to actually experiencing a live performance.

This is a band that needs to be seen to be appreciated fully, so I suggest you pick a date, mark your calender, and feel the H&H rage pulse
through you.

Being a Musician 1st and a Journalist 2nd gives me a unique perspective, and truth be told I was quite cynical about the state of metal, but
bands like Horseshoes & Handgrenades continue to reassure me that American Heavy Metal is far from a dying art.

Besides being Great Musicians in an awesome band, I have to comment on the members as individuals. It was truly a pleasure to be able to
talk casually with the guys in H&H both before and after the gig, and what any would be fan should know is exactly how approachable they all
are (even if Leatherface is a bit intimidating).

So follow
the link, vibe to the grind, and both grab a CD and catch a show, it’s a worthy investment. True That.  -So Sayeth Saint
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