In 2006 a young band from Lewis Center, OH won Out Of The Blue’s
debut “Battle For The Cover” contest, which with numerous fan votes
landed them a feature story and a full band photo on the former print
publication’s cover.  

Three years later, live on stage at Oldfield’s on High in Columbus, OH—
despite having only two original members (Ian Mclain, bass and Ben
Ahlteen, guitar/vocals) with a skilled drummer (Hayden Huffman) who
“filled-in”—Ghengis Green proved to hold their own.  

The band has noticeably grown and matured since forming in late 2005.  
They have taken their experimentally rich indie sound escapades to an
even higher place; a place in which the mind becomes endowed and
suddenly collapses onto a prairie of never-ending grass.  

Mclain’s bluesy bass and Ahlteen’s “Harvest Moon” (Neil Young)
vocals with asides of distortion in a connected microphone-guitar style,
resembling Matthew Bellamy (Muse) and Radiohead, was captivating.  
However, dominating the set was Ahlteen’s perplexing guitar solos with
daring Explosions In The Sky echos and King Crimson-esq effects.

After a couple songs Ahlteen frequently referenced a crumpled paper
buried in his pocket to see the next song to be preformed.  On that list,
favorites “Not Going Back” and “Barricade” were included.

Although live keyboard and keytar parts with secure drumming were
missing, the overall sound progression of the band has continued to
branch. A truly unique live experience.

Ghengis Green will play a show on Tues., Oct. 6 at Skully’s in
Columbus, OH.
Ghengis Green advances their live indie rock sound
show date: Aug. 23 2009      N. SHUMATE, OUT OF THE BLUE       posted: Aug. 30, 2009
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Ghengis Green on the cover of
OOTB in July, 2006.
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Ghengis Green cover story
from July, 2006.
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