Friday, March 13th 2009 was truly a groundbreaking evening for the
Westside of Cincinnati when the Crunk Sounds of the Underground
took center-stage and blew the roof clean off the house. The "Show",
as it is already being called around the local music scene, was also the
1st headlining performance for underground Crunk King MzNLiNK. With
unbelievable energy and a brilliant showcase of skills an enmasse of
Hip Hop artists stepped-up to the Mic and claimed their rightful place
among the Cincy scene elite. With dedication and talent, this genre' is
refusing to not be recognized both locally and nationally.

Opening the "Show" with a remix cover of the Eric B. & Rakim classic
"Paid in Full", Your's truly set a bar that was continually raised by each
and every Artist to follow. The "Show" had a bit of everything one would
desire from a Crunk Club Party, including a vast array of Rhyme styles
that everyone was able to vibe to. The atmosphere was excellent, and I
would definitely recommend Ava's Pub in Cleves to anyone visiting
Cincinnati if they wanted to experience the real flavor of the Westside.
Not only was the bar a gracious venue, Ava, Tom, and "Fine-Azz" Lisa
were awesome hosts. Thanks for everything, True That!

What was truly amazing about the "Show" was the mutual respect
shown by all the Artists in coming out to Perform only for the sake of
making the scene grow. Featuring both up-and-comers such as Adville,
and veterans like Big Soup, Fotae, and Wizzle, the night was nothing
less than Bangin'. To have a Crunk Party sometimes makes the
uninitiated a bit weary, but Thug Love was the Rule of the Night (That's
right, a fun time and NO drama). And of course the entire evening was
based on the sheer talent of the man known simply as MzNLiNK, and of
course he didn't disappoint.

MzNLiNK is definitely an enigma in the Cincinnati underground, with
unmatched lyrical barrages and a humble side that allows him to work
with such an awesome variety of Artists, and this night was no different.
MzNLiNK, Meche_Onny, Wizzle, and the "Big Man" 6'4" were nothing
less than "Off the Chain". Indeed, besides all the multi-artist tracks
MzNLiNK Performed with his Homies (all outstanding solo-artists in their
own right), the Crowd was treated to quite a few of his underground
classics, including his 1st Video Hit "Keep it Movin'". The Crowd, a
virtual melting pot of race, age, and gender was caught-up in the
sounds and the high-energy performance, and Crunk meant a good
time for all in attendance.

The sound man, John Greer, Lead Guitar & Founder of "The Score"
(Cincinnati's premiere party rock/cover band) had the Club boomin' and
sounding smooth, making the Artists sound as professional as any
big-budget production. He definitely earned his pay for the evening.
Also, I must give love and respect to the following; Sami & Mary Jane for
gettin' freaky on the dance floor and making all the fella's break a
sweat, Jimmy G., Jag (My Partna' in Crime, JDC), Spanky, and of course
Jen, Sara, and Cassandra for all the support (3 awesome Ladys
deserving nothing but respect). If anyone is in doubt about the talent I
welcome them to visit and give a listen to the "Next
Big Thing" in Crunk. And hit MzNLiNK up on MySpace at
com/mznlink & and see firsthand the new
direction in the future of Hip Hop.

-So Sayeth Saint
MzNLiNK - Cincinnati Crunk, The "Show"
show date: March 13, 2009         SAINT, OUT OF THE BLUE        posted: March 23, 2009
MzNLiNK & Saint
MzNLiNK, Meche_Onny, 6'4", Wizzle
Jen & Sara
Sami & Mary Jane
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