Band:  XFactor1
Location:  Columbus, Ohio
Album:  Hope For Tomorrow (LP)
Genre: Rock, Metal
Track Picks: "Its My Life," "Tragedy"


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This five-member band's second full-length take listeners
through a lyrical campaign of intimate self-disclosure that is
supported by the confidence of tenacious music. The honest,
dark lyrics focus on self-doubt that expose internal and
external hardships with an underlying message of
perseverance. The most optimistic track, self-titled, features
the firm accompaniment of Kiana Prestol (Curse Icon) singing
"we must believe." With the backing of Joe Viers (Sonic
Lounge Studios) and Brian Lucey (Magic Garden Mastering)
the tight relationship between music and lyrics throughout the
11-tracks never erode. The opening track "Voices"
foreshadows the aggressive force of "Break You;" similar to
the opening seconds of Mudvayne's "Dig." Some tracks have
an early Project 86 feel (circa 2000's
Drawing Black Lines)
while "Take The Fall" seems to turn a little toward
Type-O-Negative/Peter Steele. "The Stroke" is an 80s Def
Leppard, AC/DC-like track with fervent chorus chants that
cause a notion to groove like Finger Eleven's "Paralyzer."  
The addition of Joe Bobb (ex-Silent Surface, Likspitl, L3FT)
on bass, the call-and-response instrumental layers, subtle
breakdowns and acoustic tendencies (which fans of Hellyeah
will appreciate) prove that XF1 is highly ambitious as they
continue to evolve. Though there is a blend of new style
experimentation (including a track with a violin part), the
band's defining sound remains. First-time listeners of XF1 will
see this album as rewarding and may find themselves willing
to become a member of the XNation.