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Band:  Tracy Films
Location:  Delaware, Ohio
Album:  Octopus Hives (LP)
Genre: Indie / Progressive Rock
Track Picks: "Space Hardware," "Harmonica,"
"Come Around," "Downie," "Risk"

Lowdown:  This four member band of youthful energy that
produced sounds of 70s chill music with bursts of solid
punk have retired.  To preserve and remember their local
legacy with a generally younger fan base, this 13-song
collection was released.  Think Sonic Youth, CSN&Y,
The Pixies and Dinosaur Jr.  A combo of Caeleigh
Featherstone's innocent Karate Coyote-like vocals and
Drew Lloyd's Nirvana/Brad Robert's (Crash Test
Dummies) style blend well with the backing of an
aggressive, sometimes simple, blues explosion. Catchy
bass riffs and guitar solo breakdowns with a strong drum
beat provide collective stability. Some of the lyrics portray
those of rebellious punk while other lines reflect dreamy,
astronomical, metaphorical adventures. A worthy
purchase to preserve a piece of past local young talent.

Written By N. Shumate, Out Of The Blue
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