Band:  To Kill A Monster
Location:  Marysville, Ohio
Album:  Bears Fight Bears (EP)
Track Picks: "Blood Of 1,000 Orcs," "Skip Off"

This four-member band's debut EP maintains a
diverse energtic mix of genres: punk/pop/rock.  
The lacking, but not distracting, production quality
throughout the six songs is buried by the
dominant vocal intensity that aligns with Lost
Prophets, Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy.
Although the overall lyrics may seem to be
not-so-noteworthy, the song structures with power
chords, repetitive choruses, and fast-paced punk
drumming style have potential to make any
listener vulnerable. The lengthy closing track,
introduced by a car crashing sample, showcases
the band's overall talent. Without a doubt,
Fight Bears
is upbeat, fun and danceable. The
band's continued interest in fan connections,
positive aura, enthusiastic live shows and
expansive online social networking endeavors
could land them a marketable future.
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