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Band: The New Black Jesus
Location:  Columbus, OH
Album:  Ruffnekk Nation (EP)
Genre: Metal / Thrash
Track Picks: “The Goat,” “Jesus Freak”

Lowdown:  This four man band has captured the truth in
metal with moments of fast-paced lyrical arrangements
that align with straight forward guitar riffs similar to
DevilDriver; however, at times crossing over into the
sounds of Pantera can be heard.  Just when you become
bored with the repetitive, but catchy in-your-face verses,
gripping guitar solos break in to save the day.  The 4-song
EP’s production is solid with insertion of verbal samples,
including one from cult movie classic Pulp Fiction.  With an
established fan base in Central Ohio, this release will
surely pull first-time listeners into attending a live show.  

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Written By N. Shumate, Out Of The Blue
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